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Your Don’s in Ecommerce Localization!

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Key points of this article:

  • Before embarking on an ecommerce localization project, there are some main points you must keep in mind to avoid, such as putting the website features above strategy, creating an overcrowded layout, measuring your success inaccurately, missing the appropriate calls to action, over-promising, under-delivery, waiting for customers to show up,  deleting negative reviews, and letting the site decay.
  • To guarantee the best result and outcome for your localized ecommerce website, you should contact a localization expert to put you on the right track.

As our last 3 articles were mainly about ecommerce and its best practices, where we discussed Ecommerce Localization as the Key to Growth, Best Practices for Ecommerce Localization, and Defining Your Dos in Ecommerce Localization, we will add a new chapter to our guide today by explaining the most important don’ts you must avoid in your ecommerce localization project.

I will educate you in the coming lines about the mistakes you would not absolutely want to make when creating your ecommerce website, which includes:

  • Putting Features above Strategy
  • Overcrowded Layout
  • Inaccurately Measuring Success
  • Calls to Action
  • Over-Promising
  • Under-Delivery
  • Waiting for Customers 
  • Deleting Negative Reviews
  • Letting Your Site Decay

Now, let’s start explaining each point of the above and how to avoid it:

Putting Features above Strategy

While creating your ecommerce website/app, you should focus on the aspects that would really add value and provide the user with the best experience, more than the design elements dedicated only to the appeal. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience; you want to give them what they need and fill the gap of what they are really missing.

Overcrowded Layout

Do not add any unnecessary buttons or information fields that are of no real value to the website or the customer himself. Avoid complex menus and too many “Next” steps, just to keep the journey simple, short and precise. The customer should never be more than 3 or 4 clicks away from the checkout.

Inaccurately Measuring Success

Don’t depend on a simple comparison of sales during different days or months, because commerce in general needs more accurate calculations and investigations. To have a clear picture of how your business is doing, you must set aside a statistically accurate interval and compare your metrics if you want an accurate report of your progress.

Calls to Action

Every piece of content you write should connect back to your business targets and planned goals, and this is why it should have a call to action, which is the primary purpose of the whole thing. If your call to action is missing, not clearly positioned on the page, ambiguous, or not that urging, users will not take the action you are hoping for or go where you want them to, and eventually, you will risk losing potential customers and wasting your money on inefficient marketing efforts.


Seducing customers with bright offers, false promises, non-existing warranties, and unreal customer care is the worst thing you can do for your business. You may get their feet once, but they will never be back again and the reviews they will leave you will destroy your reputation for decades.


If you promised the customer a certain level of service, quality, care, or anything else, you must deliver what you promised and not less than it.

Waiting for Customers

Don’t leave it to chance for the audience to find you by accident. You should work on a well-planned strategy to get more direct traffic. SEO will help you reach your audience via search engines, while social media ads will make you visible on social media platforms. Contentech, your success partner, will help you reach out to as many potential customers as possible by investing in multilingual SEO Translation and Localization.

Deleting Negative Reviews

You should accept the negative reviews and work on them if it is really valid. In a way, you can see it as a chance to evaluate your performance and put your hands on what needs improvement. In another, if your site is open for you-are-great testimonials only, you risk looking fake and untrustworthy.

Letting your Site Decay

You must be keen on feeding, improving, and updating your website every now and then. If the customers visit your website and every time they go through the same data, images, blogs, recommendations, and testimonials, they will have enough and stop coming back to you.

At this point, and as an ecommerce localization expert who worked for some mega companies, I recommend contacting an expert to put you on the right track. Contentech, featured as one of the few experts in the market, helps clients with businesses of all sizes launch, improve and continuously update their ecommerce websites through its website localization services, App localization, and SEO Translation and Localization.

Contact us now and invest your money in the right features!

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