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Transcreation Services: Transform Words into Meaning

Transcreate your content and raise your brand awareness across markets

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation or “Creative Translation” is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language by adapting words, terminologies, idioms, and figures of speech.

Contentech in a Nutshell

How does it work?

Transcreation services start and end with certain steps when embarking on a new project; the steps involved in the process are:
Creating Brief
The initial brief is provided by client who collaborates with the content transcreation company by submitting a clear outline that describes and explains what he exactly needs, which message he wants to convey, and what he expects from the service, including the style, the tone, and the context in detail.
Target Market Analysis
This is the step where a deep study of the target market is conducted to explore, understand and identify the similarities and differences in consumer behavior, cultural conventions, and linguistic use. The results of this analysis help develop the accurate content that would achieve the desired reactions.
Content Creation
A draft combining the client’s and the provider’s ideas is created and sent to the client for review before proceeding with the production. After applying the comments, the final output is tailored presenting the intended message, and using the appropriate language, style, format, imagery and tone for optimum understanding and ensured interaction.
Content Testing
After transcreation and finalization of the content, it should be publicly tested to collect the audience’s opinion, and if there are some issues with the delivered content concerning language, culture, style, context, or any other element to be reconsidered. The testing can be in the form of a consumer survey or a platform for consumer feedback.

How do we do it?

Contentech follows its own methodology that pays attention to each tiny detail before embarking on the transcreation process:

Brief Study

Our transcreators study the brief in-depth for all the essential detailed information of the project about audience, purpose, message, medium, and other important data. The study is mainly meant for giving a general perception of the project’s potential, giving an assessment of the goals achievability, and outlining outcomes.

Defining Objectives

Once the outline is approved, the objectives of the transcreation should be set and clarified. The objectives would vary between transferring the exact original content into the new copy, capturing only the essence of the original, tailoring the message just as it is in the original, or sending the message in a different way.

Text Purpose

We focus on determining the text purpose before proceeding to decide on how the original needs to be adapted to appeal to the needs and expectations of the target market and audience. The text purpose would be building brand awareness, launching a new advertising campaign, or increasing SEO and reach in the target market or country.

Cultural Background

Our team invests in researching and understanding social, cultural, historical, religious, and political conventions that would affect the transcreation process, like costumes, colors, abusing signs or behaviors, political regime, formal and colloquial forms, relationships between opposite sexes in the target market, etc.


We assign a native transcreator for the task. Being a local expert, he has a full understanding of the meaning of each word, its implications, cultural notion, and how it is used in the target country's daily life. We do not depend on creating only one option, but we provide more than one, then decide on the most appealing of them to be used.

Look and Feel

To ensure that the whole thing is done perfectly, we do advise our clients on the look and feel of the produced content as an added value for the campaign. We help the client ensure acceptance and interaction in the target local market, and fully maintain the brand’s values and style.

Transcreation Facts:

  • Transcreation increases the click-through rates by 22% among women and 87% among men.
  • Content that used more languages and transcreation has achieved a doubled revenue, increased traffic by 25-50%, an ROI of 150%.
  • In 1960, international billings for transcreation accounted for 6% of the gross revenues of the top ten U.S. advertising agencies. By 1991, it climbed to 60%, and it has been rising ever since.

Why should you use Transcreation?

In addition to being a vital element for capturing the consumers’ attention in global markets, transcreation helps with the following:
Conveying meaningful messages to the target market exactly as it is in the home market.
Cross-market advertising and raising brand awareness.

Attracting new customers and asserting growth and expansion to the existing ones.
Demonstrating a strong online presence and increasing online engagement.
Targeting specific demographics with the right content.

Use industry-specific words that aren’t easy to translate literally.

Adapting messaging and addressing foreign audiences while retaining the brand’s identity and style.

Transcreate now and demonstrate your
online presence

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

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