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Localized experience
is a human necessity!

We are committed to delivering localized content to everyone in their own language, and making the knowledge accessible to every part of the world.

Localized experience is a human necessity! 2

We help you communicate, expand, and thrive in your target markets with a wide range of tailored multilingual content solutions.

What We Do

Multilingual Digital Content Solutions

The added-value content solutions you are looking for.


Speak your audience's language! Our job is to craft content that caters to the language and culture of your market. We are committed to delivering localized content that speaks directly to your audience and tackle their needs.
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Make the most out of your digital assets! We back your business up with marketing-oriented and technology-led digital content solutions that set you apart from the crowd. It’s time to take your digital content to the next level.
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Make your content accessible to the entire world! We spread out your multimedia content in several languages so everyone can access it at a click of a button. From captioning to voice over, our talented crew will add a brand new dimension to your audiovisual content.
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Invest in knowledge! Consult with our veteran professionals to build your business decisions on actual data and research-based analytics. Contentech is your go-to market expert that collects, analyzes and categorizes the information you need to grow your business.
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ISO Certifications

Contentech stands out as ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified, highlighting that we are one of the very few companies in MEA to be ISO 27001 certified.

Our certifications mean that all our processes, procedures and policies meet the highest international standards and best practice for the language services, using sophisticated, cutting-edge translation tools and technologies, and having a fully traceable system, where case files are entirely backed up to ensure its availability and security.

Iso certified translation company
our clients

We’ve written a chapter in many global success stories

Coca Cola Company
ministry of electricity and renewable energy
Microsoft Company
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Google Company

Ahead of Competition!

Your needs come at the heart of our strategy and on top of our priorities list. We never call a project successful until you are 100% satisfied with the final outcome. Our team will always go the extra mile to deliver a standard of excellence that exceeds your expectations.


Across The Board!

No matter the size of your business, we address your challenges and map out a customized plan to find and implement comprehensive and industry-specific digital content solutions. We speak over 25 different languages and craft compelling content that aligns with your audience needs.

On The Spot!

It is always one click away! Our team does not exceed a 10 minutes response time, and less than 50 minutes to assign. As our partner, you get quick and easy access to our team across your preferred channels and work collaboratively with our talents to come up with the most appropriate content solution.

Bag of Tricks!

Contentech prides itself on being a resourceful multilingual content solutions company. We leverage a broad suite of technologies and toolsets, along with a diverse team of adept and highly-qualified native experts to provide you with a wide range of outstanding language and content services.

I always have business needs for technical translation and I am the kind of person who likes work to be done perfectly on time. I have been using Contentech translation services for almost 3 years. I translated different types of documents like technical manuals. The translation is professional and especially the after sales service. Good job!

I am really impressed by the service provided by Contentech translation services. The service was excellent, fast and the quality was perfect. I would definitely recommend their video content management services for all.

We have been working with Contentech translation services since 2010 and they have proved that they can manage all DTP Projects in a professional way. They have assisted us with any new language projects. Absolutely, we will get back to them in case any need arises.

R. TR. TVendor ManagerE. ME. MOperation ManagerS. RS. RLanguage Vendor Manager
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Still struggling to communicate effectively in different languages? Contentech is your one-stop source for every multilingual content solution you need.

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