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Best Practices for Ecommerce Localization

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Since we have explored the ecommerce localization definition, elements, advantages, and the risks of missing it in the previous article, we will guide you now to the ecommerce localization best practices.

I summed up all the methods that can help you expand your ecommerce business in the below tips to start with:

  • Market Research

Ensure conducting the required research of the target market to be ready on business, technical, and cultural sides. Cultural and historical conventions, social regulations, economic levels, language and consumer habits are all to be well examined.

  • Prioritizing Content 

Focus on the content that will generate the most ROI for your ecommerce business. You should start with localizing the most important assets that help your customers have a smooth journey, like localizing your website/app navigation and search, product descriptions, shopping cart, purchase cycle, etc. Then you can proceed to other pages like support, resources, blogs, and so on.

  • Multilingual SEO

Doing your above homework excellently does not mean that you are there; these efforts are all in vain if your audience can’t find your website in a target market. To make sure you’re reaching out to as many potential customers as possible, it’s important to invest in multilingual SEO Translation and Localization.

  • Shopping Cart

Localize your checkout page to be appealing for your international customers using the local currencies, payment methods, tax rates and shipping options based on the customer’s location and preferences.

  • Dates and Times 

Put your website dates and times in the proper format as per the target market conventions, like date order (MM-DD-YY, DD-MM-YY, etc.).

  • Visual Elements

Make sure that the images on your ecommerce store are representative of your products and provide context for all your customers in different regions or markets, not for one specific region or area. Avoid using offensive pictures or those having multiple interpretations.

  • Social Media 

Defined as the age of social media, ecommerce businesses need to make the most of this powerful marketing tool. By localizing your social media content, you can engage with customers in a more personalized way, increase brand loyalty, and expand your business.

  • Customer Support

Provide your customers with support in the local language and through local channels to improve customer satisfaction levels. You must consider time zone differences, rush hours, and local holidays as well to show that you have studied and valued your customer needs and committed to fulfilling them.

How does Contentech help you?

Contentech, your localization ally, offers you unlimited localization rewards and advantages with the help of our team of experts, developers, engineers, linguists and up-to-date technology that can integrate with the different CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Contentful, Magnolia, etc.

Integrating your CMS with our translation platform shall provide you with:

  •  Synchronization and timely update of the content in your CMS.
  • Quick publishing of new or updated content.
  • Avoiding any errors that would result from back-and-forth correspondences, copy and paste process, and number of received versions.
  • Easier file management and control.
  • Complete translation of all content including metadata and snippets.
  • Cost saving & consistency as we use Translation Memory that ensures saving as much cost as possible, and term bases that ensure consistency throughout the whole content.

How does it work?

Once your CMS is connected to our translation platform, you can have it all done in very simple 4 steps:

  • Send the texts for translation via your CMS.
  • Receive the translated texts in your CMS.
  • Perform online review in your CMS.
  • Click approve to publish.

Our next article will dig deeper to explore the Dos and Don’ts of ecommerce localization, so make sure to read it!

Contentech makes the whole world within reach!

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