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Content Creation

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What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the process of generating ideas and topics appealing to a target audience, producing texts, audios, or visual materials to be used for blogs, videos, infographics, graphics and Image-based content, templates, whitepapers, worksheets, eBooks, or any other content formats. Digital content creation relies on modern technology to share this information electronically.

Content Creation

How does it work?

A content creation strategy includes everything starting with setting the content goals and purposes to the content analysis after being published:
Content Goals
Content should be focused on the pre-defined marketing goals, which may vary between keeping existing customers, attracting new visitors, generating leads, increasing conversions, and gaining more profits.
Buyer Persona
Before determining the type of content we will create, we must identify the buyer persona to know who we are addressing, what kind of messages we want to convey, which tone we would better use, and on which platforms we can find them.
Buyer’s Journey
The journey involves various steps from awareness, interest, consideration, to decision making. By tailoring the appropriate content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, we are ensuring keeping them interested and that no customers leak from the sales funnel.
Content Format
Depending on the buyer persona, the content is crafted in the best format that is most convenient to them. It could be a social media post, blog post, video, graphic, infographic, whitepaper, podcast, or any kind of content format fulfilling their needs and requirements.
Content Creation
The content is processed following the prepared plan and guide that were structured earlier. You must put your audience in your mind while creating every piece of the content; provide them with information, a tip, a quiz, a funny note, or any interactive content.
Publishing Content
Publishing must be guided by the target persona we have previously identified and their interests, to be able to determine where and when to publish. You should know where your target audience mostly spends their time, at which time of the day, and for how long to determine the kind and length of your content.
Analyzing Content
To measure the weight and success of your content, you should perform a deep analysis of outcomes of this content. The analysis will track and study the organic traffic, page view, engagement rates, conversion rates, bounce rate, audience growth and time spent on page.

How do we do it?

Contentech concentrates on following specific scheme when providing content creation services, saving no room for assumptions or random, unplanned work:

Content Objectives

Contentech categorizes the objectives of the content to develop ideas and topics accordingly. These objectives are set by both the client and our skilled content creators who help direct the content to the very right way it should take, and as per the buyer persona the client has in mind.

SEO Research

Having set the objectives and audience, we conduct SEO research to obtain the Monthly Search Volume (MSV) of keywords and phrases related to the domain, and decide which ones are worth the use. Our SEO professionals use keyword research tools, like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush or Moz Keyword Explorer.


Deciding on which keywords to target, our content creation experts start generating ideas for unique pieces and organizing them in relation to the keywords. Upon listing the ideas, the team develops an editorial calendar and starts writing.

Assigning Roles

Once we put the whole plan, we match the best content creators for each task; for example: a writer for web content and blogs, a social media coordinator for social media posts, a lead acquisition expert for webinars and content offers, a graphic designer for graphics, and a videographer for videos.


Whatsoever the type of content we create, the process focuses on writing for the persona we are targeting, sticking to the core ideas, maintaining the tone of voice that touches the audience, adhering to the characters limitation of each platform, using visual elements where applicable, and creating exclusive, clear and concise pieces.

Editing and Proofreading

Understanding human nature and the eye mechanism, we assign the editing and proofreading to a different team rather than the creators. The process pays great attention to spelling and typing mistakes, punctuation, grammar, context, structure, and all the elements that ensure the delivered content is perfectly error-free.

Content Creation Facts:

  • Almost 40% of marketers believe that content marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy.
  • 81% of marketers admit that their company sees content as a business strategy.
  • As per B2B marketers’ data, content marketing is a successful tool for growing leads by 60%, generating revenue by 51%, and building an audience of subscribers by 47%.
  • 10% of marketers say that blog generates the biggest return on investment.
  • 67% of companies use lead generation as the primary metric for content success.
  • 86% of video marketers assert that video is effective for generating leads.

Why should you Create Content?

Professional content creation pushes business to the limits and guarantees:
Having a better rank on Google search pages.

Helping people discover who you are, and what your business, brand, and products are.
Increasing reach, keeping existing clients, and attracting new customers.
Engaging visitors by introducing useful and interesting content.

Decreasing the leak in the sales funnel by targeting each sales phase by the right content.
Establishing credibility and integrity, and comprising the risk of misapprehension.
Creating major value to the company and its status.

Customize your content now
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