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Dubbing is a post-production process of synchronizing new localized sounds over the original ones in a movie or video; it is a multi-sided process blending the expertise of linguists and sound engineering specialists. Though some businesses choose to reach globally through subtitling, most audiences prefer to hear it in their native language to have a full uninterrupted experience. Dubbing services include Timed Audio, UN Voice Over, Phrase-Sync, Lip-Sync and others.

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How does it work?

To ensure the quality of the dubbing services, a dubbing company shall provide the service as follows:
Gathering Files
The assigned team gathers and organizes all dubbing files (script) and makes it ready in the original language. This step ensures the availability and readiness of the source package and media materials, which the whole work will be built upon.
Script Translation
Native translators and linguists start working on the script to transfer it into the target language as perfect as the original is; they apply any needed changes to make it culturally and nationally appealing to the audience.
Actors Casting
Actors are selected according to the requirements gathered from the client and the recommendations of the dubbing company; such as using a certain sound, voice type, gender of performers, age range, etc.
Recording Script
This is the most sensitive, precise and technical step. The recording shall be done in a fully equipped recording studio with the presence of the voice talent, linguists, vocal coaches and a director to manage the whole process and match the lip-sync as perfectly as possible.
Dub Mixing
The last stage of the process is the layering of the recorded translated tracks. This step is entirely technical, where editors and sound experts manage mixing the dub with the original video so the result is an original video in a new language.

How do we do it?

Contentech, as an eminent dubbing company, has its own procedures to be followed while providing the dubbing services:

Script Preparation

Our assigned team of specialists starts by preparing the script to be ready for the next step; the team consists of professional translators, linguists and transcribers. The audio is extracted into text format, comments are added, and special requirements are stated to be handled.

Script Translation

The team proceeds to translate the extracted text, while adapting the context to the target language overall conventions to ensure the intended meaning remains intact. The video is analyzed frame-by-frame and every dialogue and pause are examined and expressed in the script to create a comprehensive script that is ready for recording.

Actor Casting

Contentech hires experienced native speaking dubbing artists, including male and female talents of different ages, with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality.

Script Recording

This stage is time consuming where dubbing artists work with the vocal coaches, linguists and sound engineers under the supervision of the dubbing director in a fully equipped recording studio to produce proper lip and time sync with the videos.

Dub Mixing

After recording, it is the time for layering the recorded tracks. This step is entirely technical, where volume levels, pace, pitch, speech and expression are adjusted to the context, and editors and sound experts manage mixing the dub with the original video, as required.

Quality Assurance

The final project is checked for maintaining the overall quality of the project and handling any unnoticed errors before delivery to the client in the format he requests.

Dubbing Facts:

  • Advertisement based models such as YouTube has more than a billion users raking over 500 million hours of videos every day.
  • 54% of video viewers in Italy reported preferring dubbing to subtitling, while in Germany this number rose to six in 10 respondents.
  • The global dubbing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% during the period from 2021 to 2030.
  • Film Dubbing Market was valued at USD 2,431.66 Million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 3,604.38 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.60%.

Why should you dub?

Dubbing provides multiple benefits to businesses that aim to grow globally and expand beyond local markets:
Boosting SEO by using more languages and consequently more appearance in SERPs.
Increasing profits and ROI by reaching more markets and viewers.

Ensuring better user experience for multiple audiences, and hence attracting more public.
Increasing accessibility to different audiences from different backgrounds.
Extending the reach to a wider audience and expanding business.

Providing a new and distinctive content.

Saving the time and effort needed for reading subtitles.

Dub it now and speak your audience’s language

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

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