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Voice-over is a post-production process that uses software to capture and edit a recording to use for specific broadcast purposes. Developing a strong and clear speaking voice is a crucial part of the process of bringing the script to life in the voice-over artist's narration to be used in films, TV shows, animations, video games, documentaries, audiobooks, announcements, or commercials.

Voice Over services
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How does it work?

To ensure the quality of the provided voice over services, voice over agencies follow the below process and general steps:
Pre-Production Process
In this phase, the client discusses and approves the script, storyboard, character brief and any images that would help in the recording. The client decides also the type of voice over he requires, the style, the feel, the texture, the character gender and voice he wants to use.
Production Process
After gathering the creative inputs, final script and additional requirements, the project is scheduled for recording. The right voice talent is assigned to the job as per the language, style, voice type, and other requirements. Having the perfect match, the company starts recording the voice over, narration, or character voice over tracks in well-prepared and fully equipped studios.
Post-Production Process
After recording and embedding in the video, the done material (the voice over content) is reviewed for any mispronunciation, unclear words or phrases, or grammatical errors before the client receives the final master voice tracks, or voiced clips in the format desired to be distributed on the different platforms and channels.

How do we do it?

To master the voice-over clarity, volume, pacing, vocal tone and inflection, Contentech, follows the below steps while providing the voice-over services:

Gathering Files

Our voice-over team gathers all the required files that would help during the recording process, such as the final approved script, storyboard, character brief, visual content, and client’s requirements and recommendations. All these files are fully studied and comprehended before proceeding to the next step.

Script Preparation

Our team of linguists starts preparing the script to be ready for the recording. The written script is reviewed and proofread for any grammatical errors, ambiguity, cultural, religious, national, or ethical considerations, mistyping and spelling mistakes. The final copy must be an error-free document

Voice-over Casting

Contentech hires experienced native speaking voice over actors, including male and female talents of different ages, with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality. Our talents perfectly capture the right tone, evoke required emotions, and create a personality for the character.

Recording Script

After studying the script beforehand to perfect the tone, voice, and emotion, our voice over artist works with the vocal coaches, linguists and sound engineers under the supervision of the director in a fully equipped recording studio to match up with the accompanying material, whether that be commercials, documentaries, etc.

Quality Assurance

The final project is checked to ensure the voiceover is recorded correctly and accurately. Any editing, cleaning, mixing or other audio services are performed to maintain the overall quality, and handle any overlooked errors before the final delivery to the client in the format he requests.

Voice-over Facts:

  • Around 75% of online consumers show more interest to buy a product/service after viewing the brand’s video.
  • Animated videos make up 33% of business advertising.
  • Audiobooks will hit $19.4 billion in 2027.
  • Voice assistant growth shall reach $3.42 billion in 2022.
  • Audio advertising shall increase 6.4% in 2022.
  • Podcasts shall have 424.2 million listeners in 2022.
  • Explainer videos can increase revenue by 80%.

Why should you use voice-over?

Dubbing provides multiple benefits to businesses that aim to grow globally and expand beyond local markets:
Increasing reach, popularity, and viewership on different platforms.
Huge Return on Investment (ROI).

Projecting messages and evoking emotion.
Improving information retention in a variety of different viewer groups.

Complex, historic, or other less-accessible content can be clarified, preserved, and generally made more available to the public.
Promoting accessibility and full comprehension for those with visual impairments.

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