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Why To Translate Your Website?

New Research Will Convince You to Translate Your Website

If you want to sell overseas, it will be to your advantage to translate your website. Language is an important factor in different purchase categories. In one survey, over half of the participants said they would be willing to pay

more for products if they were advertised in their own language.

The majority of those surveyed were under the assumption that, since English is the most common online language, it would be acceptable to have an English-only site. This may be why you think that there is no need to translate your website into languages other than English. However, the truth is that most web users are located outside English-speaking countries.

This underscores the need to translate your website into other languages so that you can access a global market and ensure a wider reach, especially given the fact that 72.1% of the total sample spent most or all of their time at sites written in their local language, with the percentage rising to 89.1% for those with little or no English skills.

Website translation also gives the audience a personal touch. If you translate your website, you are showing respect and appreciation towards the people you are targeting and you are depicting your business as being internationally professional. It’s much easier to influence people in their native language, as it removes ambiguity in the understanding of the text. All this only serves to give credence to the slogan “Think Global, Act Local“.

Translating your website is a strategic move that can open doors to a global audience and unlock tremendous growth opportunities for your business. By catering to international visitors in their native language, you enhance user experience, build trust, and increase conversion rates. That’s where Contentech comes in. Our language technology solutions and expert services can assist you throughout the website translation process. We offer professional translation services, ensuring accurate and culturally appropriate translations of your website content. Our team can also help you with cultural adaptation, ensuring that your website resonates with the target audience in different markets. With Contentech’s support, you can effectively localize your website, expand your reach, and connect with customers worldwide. Let Contentech be your partner in achieving global success.

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