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Why Are Professional Transcription Services Vital to Your Business?

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What is the top “How” question on our planet? It’s how to convert audio content into written documents?

The answer is simple. You need to outsource transcription services!  So, what is the benefit?

Benefits of Business Transcription Services

When it comes to benefits, transcription services are of great value to your company, especially when you conduct interviews, hold meetings, or attend conferences from time to time. Further, these services help your company reach more and more prospective clients and will thus drive your business forward. services 

All told, we now need to know whether all companies need business transcription services?

What Are the Types of Business That Need Transcription Services?

There’s no doubt that professional business transcription services are vital for almost all industries. However, we need to admit that there are industries where this is good for the business while there are other industries where it is a must! Here’s a list of these businesses.   

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • The Legal Profession

Why Should You Outsource Professional Transcription Services?

Take it for granted. There are 7 reasons why you should seek the services of professional transcriptionists.

Quick Turnaround:

Quick delivery is one of the major reasons why you need to outsource audio transcription services.  If you choose to give the task to an in-house team, it’s likely that they might be not well-versed with transcribing. Worse, chances are they’ll not have the right tools to handle the task efficiently. Therefore, it’s likely that they won’t be able to deliver on time. As for professional transcriptionists, some of them may even offer you a same-day turnaround!


Accuracy is the main reason why you should outsource transcription services. An experienced transcriptionist will usually have the hands-on experience that ensures your project is delivered with the highest levels of quality and accuracy. 

When you partner with a professional transcription agency, you’ll rest assured that your information is kept in good hands. Their transcriptionists always sign non-disclosure agreements. All in all, they’ll put in place a rigorous system that completely protects your private company information.


When you transcribe your website’s audio content into text, this gives search engines the information required to rank your website. Further, the audio content on your website may not appear on search engine results pages (SERPS) if you don’t’ transcribe. Never ignore search engines!

 Ease of access:

If your company aims to meet the needs of a broad diversity of people, this goal will be achieved through professional transcription services that will help increase the accessibility of your company’s content.

Cost is a major reason for you to outsource professional transcription services. However, it happens that you may make the wrong decision about the desired saving! You might decide to carry out the transcribing in-house, which will actually end up hurting the whole business. This is because in this case, you’ll need to shift your employees to work on the transcription project, thus leaving their original tasks unattended ─ which will ultimately incur further costs.

Wide Sharing:
Let’s admit it. Distribution channels for audio materials are limited. For that reason, if you wish to share your audio materials, you’ll certainly find it extremely difficult. However, you still have the option of outsourcing professional transcription services that will transform your audio into compelling text that will be very easy to share and distribute on a wide scale.

Why Contentech?

We, at Contentech, have an impressive track record in providing business transcription services for a diversity of corporate clients across all industries ─ Media, Education, Legal, Marketing, and many more.

Not only do we have extensive experience in converting audio content into compelling text, but we also offer readers of this written content an impressive online experience.

At Contentech, our team of expert transcriptionists is always ready to work on your project as soon as you submit your order. So, we offer probably the quickest turnaround time in the entire industry. Further, our transcription experts are available round the clock to accurately convert your audio to text.

What’s more, we depend on our unique mix of the latest in speech technology with the best transcription talent in the market to deliver a suite of speech-to-text products that rocks!

Do you wish to outsource transcription services that are the best in 2020? Contact us today for a free quote

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