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Transcription Services

Definition of Transcription

Do you have audio clips or videos that you want to reach a new audience with? Have a target market in mind but don’t think a voice-over or localization project is right for you? Transcription could be the solution to your problem.

Transcription takes the sounds and language of your audio to make it accessible to a new audience, writing it down in a way that’s easy to read and digest. But Contentech goes one step further, we’re able to take the original transcript and translate the content into a whole range of languages, repurposing it for a new market and audience. With our services, you can take a single video or audio clip and make it suitable for multiple languages, helping you to spread your message further without huge costs.

Transcribing can cover a wide range of document types and source material, from simple audio of a telephone call to a video that rivals a Hollywood production.

The process of transcription

Our transcription service is simple, whether you want a recorded phone message transcribing or legal proceedings. You simply need to send us the audio and video files and we’ll work on your project, guaranteeing quality every time thanks to our 3-step process.

  1. Once we’ve received your files, they will be handed to one of our native translators who will create your transcript in the required target language.
  2. All our work is then proofread to ensure accuracy and that the intent is the same in both the source and target content.
  3. Our quality assurance program then checks the final document before sending it to you.

Types of Transcription

There are plenty of reasons to get your audio transcribed, from making it more accessible to acting as an extra hard copy of the content. Whatever your needs we’re able to help you transcribe your content into the target language, opening it up to a new audience. Our expertise and skilled staff mean we can help you transcribe a wide range of content in a way that suits your needs exactly, whatever your goals and target market.

Transcription can cover many different types of audio and video, including:

  • Academic – Students and professors can benefit from recording academic talks, lectures, and seminars. It’s particularly useful for students that are taking a class that isn’t in their native language.
  • Legal – It’s important to keep accurate records of legal proceedings and recordings and transcriptions are the perfect way to do that, giving you instant access to the information that you need.
  • Meetings – Capture your business agenda and important topics by recording meetings and then make them more accessible to other parties by having the content and discussions that took place transcribed.
  • Conference calls – It can often be useful to refer back to conference calls to pick out finer details or double checkpoints but listening through the audio can be time-consuming, while transcribed work can be easier to look through.
  • Video – Videos are hugely popular and can give your message and added impact. Using transcription, it’s possible for your video to be viewed and enjoyed by more people.
  • Interview – Whether for market research, legal or another purpose, it can be useful to have an interview transcribed giving you the freedom to focus on communicating and allowing more people to use the information.
  • Digital – Digital files have become more important as technology has boomed and you can transcribe your digital text and audio too.
  • Text-to-text – It’s not just audio and video clips we can transcribe either but written communications – from a handwritten letter to faxed notes.

Our Area of Expertise

What makes our transcription service different? It’s our expertise.

We have a network of native speakers across the world in a huge range of languages, allowing you to truly take your message to a new audience, whatever the content you want transcribing. But we go beyond that too, we know that some technical terms and phrases have no literal translation but accuracy is still vitally important. That’s why our team includes multi-lingual industry experts in a range of fields – from legal to engineering – to ensure your message is understood whatever language it’s in. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee to deliver.

How our expert as linguists and translators are added value to your project

Here at Contentech, we know how important your content is in conveying your message, whether personal or business orientated. Our team is made up of in-country linguists and translators who work to ensure your message doesn’t get in the translation process. With their support, you can make sure your content is suitable for your audience, even if they speak another language.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We’re customer-focused and meeting your transcription needs is at the heart of what we do.
  2.  We use in-country based vendors and resources to ensure your message connects with your audience every time.
  3.  We have specialist translators for industry-specific content to help ensure your intent and purpose are reflected, even when it’s in another language.
  4. We’ve worked with industry leaders in a variety of fields, including technology, automotive, communications, and much more.
  5. We have competitive prices. We know that budgets are important and can offer you a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Take your business to the next level

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