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Why Are Multilingual Chatbots Vital for Businesses?

It’s always been one of the longstanding human dreams. To get the machine to talk to man. And, Thank God, it’s been happening, step by step, since 1966 ─ when ELIZA, the first chatbot, was developed, long before the one you see these days all over the internet. 

But what on earth is a chatbot?

Powered by the rising artificial intelligence (AI) technology, chatbots are currently transforming the way businesses interact with their clients and prospects on their websites and other digital properties ─ such as messaging applications, mobile apps, or through the telephone.

To put it differently, a chatbot is a software that enables companies to conduct a conversation with the visitors of their websites. It makes it possible for the site browser to ask an inquiry, and the bot will either answer the question or carry out the appropriate activity that guides the visitor down the sales funnel.

How Does a Chatbot Work? 

At the center of a chatbot, it performs two essential tasks ─ analyzing the user’s request and responding.  The first task is to determine the user’s intent by getting the data and relevant entities included in the request of the user. Then comes the crucial task of returning the appropriate response. Such a response might be one of many forms, including a predefined text for the specific request, or a text regained from a database encompassing various responses, or data stockpiled in specific corporate systems. Sometimes, the chatbot may even return a question that helps it properly fathom the user’s request. Real conversation!

So, the facts on the ground reveal that chatbots are revolutionizing two particular industries, the e-learning industry, and the customer service industry.

When it comes to e-learning, chatbots are currently being leveraged on a large scale for corporate training as well as school and university education all across the globe. 

As for customer service, the industry insiders forecast that by 2022 about 90 percent of customer interaction in the banking industry will be automated, and more than 80 percent of customer interaction will be conducted by machines and software by 2021.

However, an important question is still imposing itself. Since the majority of online users do not have a great command of English, what will chatbots do with them? Shall this wonderful interactive software remain unilingual? 

Multilingual Chatbots ─ The What and Why!

“No” is the unequivocal answer to the question of “Shall Chatbots remain unilingual?”. Big No!

So, if your company is expanding, for instance, into the enormous 1,439,323,776 person market of China (over 18 percent of the world population!), will your chatbots communicate with them in English or Mandarin? This is where Multilingual Chatbots come in!

Forget the traditional chatbot in such a global context. Only a multilingual chatbot can communicate with online users in multiple languages. It’s a treasure for companies that do business in linguistically diverse regions ─ like the USA and Europe ─ and for global-minded businesses in general.

Given this wonderful progress in chatbot features and benefits, we might need to ask: When it comes to multilingual chatbots that communicate with online users in various languages, is the process based on mere translation? 

Chatbot Localization ─ A Step in the Right Direction!

No. It’s by no manner of means an issue of just translation! For a chatbot to succeed in conversing with users, it should first understand the cultural background of those users. This is where Chatbot Localization comes in.

And it’s a real need for businesses! Research all over the world shows that the majority of online users would like to interact with chatbots in their mother tongue. Therefore, multilingual chatbots are the real solution and the most effective way to cater to this global customer demand. 

Get your chatbot to talk to your French customers in French, your German clients in German, and your Italian ones in Italian. It’s no luxury!

Why Contentech?

Not only localizing your chatbot. Frankly, if you want to succeed in global markets, the entire customer experience you provide should be localized. And, this is where Contentech comes in!

At Contentech, we understand that you won’t thrive in international markets until, and unless, you adapt your products and services to the preferences of your new customers in overseas markets. Therefore, since 1994, we’ve established an impressive track record in delivering almost all types of localization services.

Contentech’s world-class localization services empower you to outsmart the competition in your niche or specific industry. 

So, if you’re looking for quality localization services that will help you succeed and thrive in global markets, get your free quote now!