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Is it worth it to subtitle your company videos?

multilingual subtitles

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In a globally interconnected world, there is no limitation to your business growth potentiality. A thoughtful combination of technology-powered practices and advanced marketing tools can turn your small business into a multinational giant.

Multimedia content has proven to be one of the integral parts of every successful marketing strategy across different industries in the past few years. According to Wyzowl, nearly 90% of businesses incorporate video marketing in their promotional strategy, while stats by Cisco showed that videos will account for more than 80% of the entire online traffic by 2022.

If videos are a guaranteed way to spread the word and widen a company’s customer base, what if these videos are available in different languages? This means that they become accessible to a much wider range of people who might be interested in this company’s offerings. That’s exactly what we call “the magical power of subtitling”.

In this blog, we delve deep into the benefits of subtitling services to your business and why you should consider subtitling services as part of your marketing strategies, if you haven’t already done so.

The rise of Subtitling

The advent of subtitling has its roots in the filmmaking industry nearly a century ago. The first-ever foreign language subtitling was spotted in the 1930s, on a Norwegian movie, in the wake of the revolutionary transition from silent films to talkies.

Originally invented with the purpose of rendering a movie comprehensible for speakers of other languages, multilingual subtitling has now evolved into a full-fledged service that integrates with all types of multimedia content. From automated closed captions in video streaming platforms all the way to video game subtitling, subtitles has become a must in every multimedia content that is targeted at audience who speak different languages

What is in it for you?

It is no exaggeration when we say that subtitling services are capable of taking your business to a whole new level, especially if you have international expansion plans. There is a myriad of reasons why you should source professional captioning solutions from a reliable language service provider:

  • Save the efforts of creating a video in each language

Subtitling is doing it the easy, and cost-effective way. There is no need to bear the expensive cost and time of creating multiple videos for audiences in different locations. With subtitles, linguists work together with video editors to provide a complete solution in a timely manner, and at a much lower cost.

  • Increase accessibility, engagement, and conversion

There is no doubt a subtitled video will reach a wider audience, even without any ads. Besides, the increasing accessibility leads, necessarily, to more engagement, and thus higher conversion. More people will be able to see your videos, more will engage with it, and eventually, more people will buy your product or use your service.

  • Reach to hearing-impaired people

Aside from the accessibility to people who speak other languages, subtitling renders your videos accessible to those who struggle with hearing impairment.

  • Help language learners

One of the proven techniques of learning a new language is to watch videos of native speakers talking with subtitles. When you add subtitles to your video, you add value to those who are interested in learning this video’s language and captivate their interest.

How it works

Now that you know how essential subtitling is? It is important to know the process that lies behind a successful subtitling project. Subtitling is basically defined as the transformation of a spoken dialogue into a text in one or more languages, while subtitles refer to the captions displayed at the bottom of the screen.

To create multilingual subtitles, a long process of technical and linguistic functions should take place within an integrative workflow. Below is the steps of a deliberate subtitling process:

  • Transcription: Specialist transcriptionists, first, convert the spoken script/dialogue into a written text.
  • Translation: A team of linguistic experts, then, translate that text into the needed language(s), with meticulous attention to the style, meaning, and context.
  • Synchronization: Video editing specialists, then, intervene to fit the translated text within the video, by syncing it with the video, and in a way that does not distract the viewer from the main video elements.
  • QA: A final quality check is made to ensure the text is correctly translated and displayed in sync with the visual content.


Over the course of more than 25 years, Contentech has established its position among the top language service providers in the Middle East and Africa. Multilingual subtitling is one of our distinguished areas of expertise; we have a team of expert transcriptionists, linguists, and video editing specialists who excel at subtitling videos.

Contact us now, request a quote, and expand your client base with our professional subtitling solutions!