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Can Professional Translation Help your Global Business?

Never Underestimate the Power of Professional Translation

Without professional translation, you will never be able to establish a link with your target audience abroad

Professional translation is one of the major elements in the success of any global business. To be able to communicate with your target audience effectively, you need to understand their culture and speak their language; this is why professional translation is needed. For truly professional translation work, it is best to hire native speakers of your target language, as they know how to communicate naturally with your customers. It is important to remember that communication is a two-way street, so you have to be as concerned about extracting the proper meaning from your customers’ messages as you are about conveying your own message.

Professional translation helps you to cross linguistic and cultural barriers and meet the business challenges involved in entering foreign markets. If you can represent your company in your target market properly and explain why they should choose you over your competitors; then you will have succeeded in expanding your business to other parts of the world.

Studies have shown that language is an important factor in consumer purchasing behavior:

  • 72.1% of those surveyed in a study spent most or all of their time at websites in their own language;
  • For services, including travel, 79.6% of those surveyed in a study said that the ability to communicate in their own language was important, with the number rising to 85.1% for those with no/low English;
  • For the purchase of expensive goods: 68.8% of those surveyed in a study wanted to use their own language; 78.7% for those with no/low English;
  • For food, personal care and household items: 58.4% of those surveyed in a study wanted to use their own language; 66.7% for no/low English;
  • For commodities and low-cost goods: 59.3% of those surveyed in a study wanted to use their own language; 71% for those with no/low English;
  • In the same study, travel, entertainment and financial services ranked highest among those surveyed in terms of preference for local-language communications:
  • Financial services: 85.3%
  • Travel and entertainment: 74.0%;
    • Over half the respondents in the survey said that they were willing to pay more for products advertised in their own language.

For effective communication and improved chances of a response, it is essential to communicate with one’s target audience in their own language.

Professional translation is important in almost every aspect of your global business, such as website localization, packaging and instructions, marketing materials, and internal communications. Your business will not be able to progress in a global market without using a professional translation service to deliver your message and reach your target.

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