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Document Translation Services

Definition of Document Translation

Are you targeting a new market and need your materials translating allowing you to reach more customers or engage employees? Contentech can help you translate your documents in a way that ensures that their original purpose and tone is reflected while flowing in the new language and capturing local phrases, style, and culture.

A professional document translation service enables you to re-purpose your existing documents for a new market and exciting opportunities. The world of business today is global and your documents need to reflect the growing demand. Translation services give you the chance to make your materials more accessible to a wider audience, giving you the chance to expand your business’ horizons and reach new customers.

How Document Translation is Processing?

We know how important translating documents is to you and that’s why when you use our translation services we have a process you can rely on to deliver the outcome you want every time. We operate a six-step method so you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

1) Client Consultation

At the beginning of each project, we take the time to understand what it is our customers are aiming to achieve by using a document translation service. This allows us to agree on things like the layout, tone and deadlines, as well as getting an understanding about the brand and documents that will be translated.

2) Project Preparation

Once we have all the project details from you, we’ll begin work on the translation. Initially, this will involve assessing which member of our team is best placed to undertake the work and evaluate any potential setbacks.

3) Translation

You document will then be passed on to one of our expert translators who will be a native speaker of your target language. They will live in your target country and as a result, will be able to create content that strikes the right balance between the original source material and appealing to the audience. If you operate in a specialist field, we understand that some technical terms have no literal translation. We have specialist translators that will fully understand both your industry and the importance of context, whether you work in the medical field or in engineering.

4) Editing and Proofreading

The text then undergoes an editing and proofreading process to highlight any potential errors or mistakes. If any are identified they will be corrected at this stage. We also look at the tone of the writing to ensure that it reflects that of the original source material and brand messaging.

5) Quality Assurance

Every Contentech project goes through our stringent quality assurance program. The program is designed to ensure that our translation services live up to expectations every time.

6) Project Completion

The completed project is then handed back to you in the format you want, giving you the accessibility and flexibility you need to start using your documents.

Types of Document Translation

There’s a whole range of documents that we can translate for you, both professional ones and personal ones. In fact, if it’s got words on it our document translation service is for you. Documents we can translate for you include:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Legal contacts
  • User manuals
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Reports
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates and divorce decrees

Whatever your document translation needs we could help you. We can create a bespoke service to meet your needs and goals. All your documents will be translated by a professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language, ensuring your final document is ideal for your needs.

Our Area of Expertise

When you choose Contentech to provide document translation services you can rely on us. Not only will your document be translated by a native speaker of the target language but we can provide an industry expert too. We know how important your documents are and recognize that translating some industry words, phrases and technical terms can be a challenge. However, having someone that not only understands the language but has the technical knowledge means your translated document will capture both your intended tone, the attention of the audience and the technical terms. Among our expertise are:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Software
  • Aerospace
  • Scientific
  • Medical
  • Energy


We’ve got more than 20 years of experience of working with companies around the world, including translating documents and have built up a trustworthy and enviable reputation during that time.

How our expert as linguists and translators are added value to your project

Whether printed or digital, documents are an important part of personal and professional life. If you’re trying to communicate with a new audience one of the first steps you should take is translating your important documents, making them accessible for people or businesses in a foreign market.

With the support of our expert and specialist translators and linguists, you can rest assured that your documents will be efficiently and accurately translated from the source material into the target language.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We have a network of professional translators with technical knowledge in a range of industries.
  2. All our translators are in-country based so you’ll know the translation reflect the tone, style, and culture.
  3. We have more than 20 years’ worth of experience and high profile clients to showcase our skills and expertise.
  4. We offer a range of translation and localization services, so you can get a complete solution in a single place.
  5. We offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of your document translation service.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.