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Contentech is Now in India

An Exciting Announcement from Contentech

Here at Contentech, we pride ourselves on providing businesses and individuals with the highest standard of technical and language solutions available today. In addition, because a large percentage of our client base is focused on Middle Eastern and African languages, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening a new office in Kolkata, India, very soon.

India: the key to success

Why Kolkata, we hear you ask. Well, for us, it was a no-brainer. As well as already boasting a substantial client base in the region, India, Asia’s second-largest economy and the world’s biggest democracy, has become something like a magnet for budding entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the country has begun to lead the way when it comes to technical services such as desktop publishing, localization support, and engineering services. Those in the tech industry the world over now consider it.

The long-term growth prospects of India’s economy is extremely positive, thanks to a young population, healthy investment rates and an ever-increasing integration into the global economy. Moreover, with the country’s growing numbers of expert engineers and high caliber workforce, our team here at Contentech could not be more excited to become a part of this thriving part of the globe.

The first choice for the Middle East and beyond

We believe that, based on the strength of existing demand, opening our doors to Kolkata will open up a plethora of opportunity, benefiting not only our company but those local to the city and surrounding areas too. For us, establishing an internal localization link between the countries of the Middle East is paramount for business development. Ultimately, our aim is to become the first choice for businesses who require technical and language solutions in the Middle East and Africa, as well as to bridge the gap between the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Home is where the heart is

In addition, the advantages of opening an additional Contentech office do not just stop there. As well as gaining access to an even larger pool of potential clients, countless studies relating customer-spending habits to business location have shown that a customer is more likely to choose a local business than finding one that is more than 50 miles from their search location, even if there is a reduced rate on offer.

It is time to go local

Trust is a big factor when it comes to working with local businesses. A local firm equals local people. In addition, when it comes to parting with our hard-earned cash, human psychology plays a big part. For example, we tend to like and get on with people we deem similar to ourselves, therefore we find working with them a more attractive prospect.

Therefore, there you have it! Our doors are soon to be opened in one of India’s most bustling business hubs and it’s all systems go here at Contentech. Contact us now to get the new updates.

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