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Website Localization

Build Your Global Gateway with Professional Website Localization Services

Create a personalized user experience and grow your global sales

What is Website Localization?

Market research and case studies demonstrate that users around the world are far more likely to interact with websites speaking their own language. Thus, most companies started looking for website translation services and website localization services as vital means to meet the increasingly vigorous competition in the global markets. However, website localization is not only a mere translation, it is fundamentally about adapting the original website through language, design, functions, and all the embedded cultural aspects to provide the most relevant experience - if not native - for the new target audience.

Website Localization

How does it work?

Effective localization workflow should encompass all the elements needed to optimize the user experience in a specific destination, including:
A fully well-translated website version shall be placed, including all the information of the original with no omissions or overwriting.
Tuning the content to suit the national, religious, cultural, historical or general preferences of the users.
Images and videos shall be replaced with more customarily appropriate ones, if it is not.
Design elements are carefully considered for a fruitful user experience such as adjusting the design, layout, and formatting to right-to-left languages and vice-versa, buttons placement, text expansion, etc.
Like local currencies, units of measure, date formats and phone numbers.
Multilingual SEO helps faster reach and better ranking in the new markets.

How do we do it?

Contentech follows a strict methodology that adheres to the internationally applied ISO standards and the best practices of the industry:

Website Localization Analysis

We start by studying the current website, gathering client requirements, project specifications, and scheduling accurate timelines for completing the scope of work we are assigned to.

Website Content Translation

Our highly qualified team of linguists – including natives - ensures the website content is unfaulty translated, covering vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style and tone of speech to reflect the target locale’s culture.

Visuals Adaptation

Contentech experts investigate the localized materials to make sure the used visuals – images, videos, symbols, colors, etc. - are conveying the right messages and not unintentionally portraying any kind of connotations that may offend the locals.

Localization Testing and QA

Both our engineers and linguists test the final product before delivery. Engineers perform a functional test to confirm that the localized site works as properly as the original one, while the linguists check the whole website for consistency.

Localization Facts

  • 72% of shoppers are more likely to buy from sites written in their native language.
  • 87% of customers would not buy from an English-only website.
  • 65% prefer to read content in their local language.
  • 90% of online shoppers choose to use their native language if it’s available.
  • Geo-targeted content can engage an audience 6 times more effectively.
  • Localization can increase search traffic by 47%, boost website visits by 70%, and increase conversion rates by 20%.
  • 86% of localized advertising campaigns achieved higher click-through and conversion rates compared with their English counterparts.

Why should you localize your website?

Localization offers unlimited rewards and advantages that include but not limited to:
Increasing reach, potential audience, and attracting new customers.

Engaging visitors by creating a more personalized user experience, accordingly achieving higher conversion rates.
Building a global brand via conquering new markets overseas.

Growing the global sales and profit margin, what is finally reflected on the ROI.

Decreasing the leak in the sales funnel thru eliminating the obstacles that might meet the customers.

Establishing credibility and integrity, and comprising the risk of misinterpretation of the brand.

Localize NOW, and go global

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

Explore how Contentech's multilingual solutions can transform your communication strategy. Contact us today and embark on a journey of global success.

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