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SEO Localization

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What is SEO Localization?

SEO is an abbreviation of the term” Search Engine Optimization", which is the process of enhancing the website visibility to users while searching with certain keywords. SEO Localization deeply analyzes and enlists most searchable keywords in the target language, field, and market to incorporate it into the website content appropriately during the localization process according to on-page SEO best practices.

SEO Localization

How does it work?

To start a SEO Localization process correctly, the following steps must be considered and followed:
Research and analysis of the source language keywords
A sheet with separate columns should be created, including URL, keywords, and monthly search volume for the targeted words of both home page and sub-pages.
Research and analysis of the target language keywords
As done previously, the same sheet will be created for the target language to come up with the most equivalent target keywords with highest search volume, using many tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush or MOZ.
Analyzing and matching both keyword lists
This step is dedicated to matching the source language and target language keyword findings. Select the keyword from the prepared source list and compare it to the matching words in the target list, then choose the keyword with the highest search volume among the equivalents.
SEO Localization
Insert the keywords from the final list in the right places in your content. The content should be consistent and coherent, keywords are matching the sentences and are not randomly inserted, and the context must be preserved.

How do we do it?

Due to the undoubtable importance of SEO Localization, Contentech applies an extremely systematic process with certain pre-defined phases to be followed and completed sequentially. These phases proceed as follows:

Study, research, and analysis of the target country

For SEO localizers, this is the most important phase of all. Language, culture, market, consumer behaviors, search preferences, local search engine algorithm, purchase habits, and all other elements must be fully studied and documented.

Keyword Glossary

A list of the keywords of the highest search volume in the target language is created to be used within the translated and localized content of the website.

On-page Optimization

All the site elements are professionally translated and empowered by keywords to ensure having a high rank in the international SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These elements consist of meta titles, headings (H1, H2), meta descriptions, image Alt tags, and URLs.

Content Localization

Once the SEO translation is performed, the keyword lists are created, and on-page elements are optimized, it is time to refine and polish the translated content by applying all the research results of the target market and audience to provide them with an unrivaled local search experience.

SEO Localization Facts:

  • Only 0.78% of users click on a link from the 2nd page of Google.
  • More than 40,000 searches on Google are conducted every second, with over half of them local searches.
  • More than 40% of all search terms in search engines are related to a user’s location or local businesses.
  • Around 90% of consumers searching on mobile devices make a contact within 24 hours of the search.
  • 4 out of 5 shoppers use search engines to get the information about products or services.
  • 97% of audience search online about the companies they heard about.
  • More than 90% of consumers make purchase decisions from the first page of local search engine results.

Why should you localize?

SEO Translation and Localization services are the key to rank your site higher in search engines and be found faster. It allows gaining an endless number of benefits that include:
Targeting the local customers and widening the local base.

Maintaining international growth plans.

Boosting visibility in new markets and reaching new global customers.

Improving the overall customer experience by providing the audience with a native experience.
Increasing website organic traffic.

Increasing conversion rates and transactions.

Improving sales and ROI.

Improve your ranking now and boost your visibility!

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

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