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DTP Localization

Customize Your Documents with Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Customize your documents, minimize costs and increase profits

What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the creation and adaption of documents using specialized software to produce designs, printed and digital materials appealing to specified target-language format and layout specifications and requirements, without compromising context, message or purpose of the original material. DTP services can be used for creating web pages, newspapers and magazines, brochures, posters, flyers, leaflets and catalogs, banners, newsletters, PDFs, books and e-books, etc.

DTP Localization

How does it work?

DTP process flows in four consecutive phases as follows:
Text Extraction
The process starts with extracting the required text from the non-editable files into editable file formats used in the specified DTP software.
Text, images, and all other elements (font, space, etc.) are arranged and adjusted in the document to ensure its appealing and effectiveness in the target language as it is in the source language.
Layout Creation
Desktop publishers create the new templates for the documents, providing that it must be consistent with the company’s styles and easily adapt to new languages.
Quality Assurance
DTP team reviews, edits, and refines the created files to correct any errors that may occur to provide an error-free and ready-to-publish version.

How do we do it?

Contentech Desktop Publishing services cover all aspects of the DTP process, through which we ensure
Supporting all types, like Page Layout Formatting, Typesetting, Text Parsing, Font Management, Templating, and Text Expansion Adjustment.
Maintaining all DTP formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe FrameMaker.
Using the widest range of tools available, such as Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word), Adobe (Frame-Maker, Photoshop), Quark Xpress, Page-Maker, Acrobat, Illustrator, and In-Design.

DTP Facts:

  • DTP provides extensive features for publishing much more than any other software.
  • DTP software is much useful than electronic typesetting software.
  • DTP is WYSIWYG (allows the developer to check what the final result will look like during creating the document), while other software types are not.

Why should you use DTP?

Dubbing Multilingual DTP services provides a variety of returns and advantages that include:
Using all the innovative tools of graphics and fonts.
Working on different file formats.

Better and more professional graphical representation.
Easy customization for the specific needs and requirements.
Ensuring consistency and overall efficiency.
Increasing creativity and productivity.
Minimizing production cost and increasing profits.
Enhancing the layout and design of our documents

Use DTP now and adapt your audience documentation style!

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

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