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MTPE Services .. Human Perfection and Machine Speed

Increase efficiency and decrease time with the MTPE services.


MTPE is an abbreviation of Machine Translation Post-Edit, which is the process whereby skilled editing professionals review and modify machine-generated translation to refine and improve the final result by addressing grammatical and syntax problems, enhancing SEO, and other targeted editing points as necessary. MTPE benefits from both the talent and accuracy of the human factor and the speed and convenience of the machine translation.


How does it work?

Machine Translation Post Editing services are provided in 4 different strategies, depending on the quality, time and budget of the client:
Light Post-Editing
This is a type of MTPE that involves few edits for minor problems while ensuring the clarity and readability of the text. It is a basic scan of the translated text to look for significant errors such as spelling and punctuation mistakes, basic translation errors or unreadable lines. This method is a cost-effective approach that delivers speedy results when the translation is required for inbound purposes or when the time frame and text are short.
Full Post-Editing
is another sort of MTPE that requires comprehensive review and is used to guarantee that the proper level of quality is attained after the machine translation. It involves a thorough post edit, with the post editor working on everything such as spelling and punctuation, grammar, syntax, word choice, formatting, style and tone of voice, cultural conventions and appropriateness of the expressions. This results in a higher quality document than light post-editing, so is ideal for outbound purposes.
Project-Specific Post-Editing
Some projects would require a special strategy for post editing depending on the number of pages to be edited, scale of edits, priorities of sections or parts. In this case, requirements and strategy are project-dependent where certain parts can be prioritized due to its higher business value, expected time of delivery, budget, and quality.
Bypassing Post-Editing
This is a simple form of machine translation post editing that could be used for reviewing certain materials with simple sentences and structures like internal documentation, database of terms, etc. The final result of this type is good.

How do we do it?

To manage the MTPE process perfectly, Contentech follows specific in-house procedures to ensure highest quality of the delivered content:

File Preparation

The whole process starts with receiving the document in the source language, then checking the initial file for any content ambiguity or errors which the machine will not be able to pick up and it would create confusion in the translated file.

Glossary and Style Guide

A translation glossary is created for key terminology, and a localization style guide is provided for translators and editors to understand the brand guidelines which may include the tone of the translation, word choice, formatting, brand voice, writing style, and more. We use the unique data provided by the client to create the said guides instead of using a generic one.

Machine Feeding

After creating the needed guides and references, the next stage is choosing the right MT-Engine for the target language and tuning the engine appropriately by furnishing it with these glossaries and translation memories that relate to the terminologies used in your industry. The final result is a translated file with as few errors as possible.

Assigning Talent

The machine-translated file is assigned to a post editor who is a fluent speaker of both source and target languages, familiar with the terminology of the industry, and with appropriate technical knowledge. The post editor works on the MT copy to enhance the translation and correct any errors that may occur. The final file is submitted to the quality assurance team before delivery.

Quality Assurance

Our process does not end after finishing the post editor’s work on the document. A kind of “post-editing” editing takes place where the final output is subject to more precise review and proofreading to avoid any grammatical mistakes, overly complex or wordy sentences, and spot any errors or inaccuracies that may have been overlooked in the translation and post-editing processes.

MTPE Facts:

  • As per Google statistics, more than 100 billion words are translated per day.
  • MTPE saves time because it is about 30% faster than the human translation only.
  • MTPE market size is expected to hit USD 983.3 million this year.

Why should you use MTPE?

Machine Translation Post Editing services have many advantages that ensure getting the best return of any business, such as:
Saving time required for the initial translation draft.
Affordable cost than full human translation.
Higher quality than full machine translation
Accelerating time-to-market and quick distribution.

Optimizing the efficiency and consistency of large volume projects.

Use MTPE now and save both your time and money!

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