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World-Class Interpreting Services All Over The United States

A global-minded business should be able to communicate with every stakeholder in their native language, and so does yours. Powered by the global recognition and rich history of Contentech, ContPret’s comprehensive and professional interpreting services are designed to meet the dynamic needs of global communication all around the United States

    Master Your Business Conversations in Every Language

    Our Services – Catering to Every Interpretation Need

    Whether you require the immediacy of simultaneous interpreting or the detail-oriented approach of consecutive interpreting,
    ContPret has the expertise and resources to meet your needs in over 100 languages.

    Simultaneous Interpreting

    - Real-time translation with no interruptions to the speaker- Accurate on-site and remote simultaneous interpretation- Equipped with the latest technologies and interpreting booths- Ideal for conferences and large meetings

    Consecutive Interpreting

    - Translating the speaker’s speech after each segment of speech- Detailed and precise translation into every language- Perfect for smaller meetings, negotiations, press conferences, or legal settings

    On-Site Interpretation:

    Our physical, real-time linguistic support turns multilingual conferences, meetings, and events into cohesive understanding platforms.

    Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

    Instant, reliable, and easily accessible linguistic assistance for every phone conversation, ensuring clarity and ease in communication.

    Video Remote Interpretation (VRI):

    Breaking geographical barriers, our VRI services connect you with professional interpreters, anytime, anywhere.

    Advanced Equipment at Your Service​

    We take interpreting services to a whole new level with the use of high-grade equipment and technologies to facilitate your tailor-made interpreting experience. With our sufficient inventory of equipment, you can order the tools you want everywhere in Canada and the US, and you can request the rental with a technician and operators.

    Professional RF interpreting system that ensures quality sound transmission and is included with interpreting booth rental.
    Infrared system that allows for secure and clear communication at close and confidential business meetings and events.
    Isolated medium-sized booths that guarantee quality sound transmission and comfortable space for 2-3 interpreters.
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    Qualified Interpreters for Your Specific Needs

    Our language interpreting services are tailored to the unique communication needs of various sectors.

    Medical Interpreting

    Medical interpreters certified by the National Board of Certification.

    Legal Interpreting

    Legal interpreters in every state with its own court certification.

    Business Events

    Highly-trained interpreters with proven relevant experience.


    Bilingual interpreters fully-versed in the training and education sector.


    Expert interpreters familiar with the the telecom sector terminology.


    Certified interpreters with industrial background.

    Your Partner in Global Communication

    • Customized Interpretation Solutions: Diverse services crafted to fit your unique communication requirements.
    • Global Communication Expertise: Navigate multilingual environments confidently with our support.
    • Virtual and Physical Reach: Whether it’s on-site or virtual, our interpreters are there where you need them.
    • Comprehensive Equipment Offering: We provide not just the interpreters, but also the essential interpreting equipment, including state-of-the-art interpreting systems and booths to ensure a complete solution for your events.

    I always have business needs for technical translation and I am the kind of person who likes work to be done perfectly on time. I have been using Contentech translation services for almost 3 years. I translated different types of documents like technical manuals. The translation is professional and especially the after sales service. Good job!

    I am really impressed by the service provided by Contentech translation services. The service was excellent, fast and the quality was perfect. I would definitely recommend their video content management services for all.

    We have been working with Contentech translation services since 2010 and they have proved that they can manage all DTP Projects in a professional way. They have assisted us with any new language projects. Absolutely, we will get back to them in case any need arises.

    R. TR. TE. ME. MS. RS. R

    ISO Certifications

    Recognized globally with ISO 17100, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 certifications, Contentech guarantees impeccable interpreting services, aligned with the highest international quality standards.

    Our certifications are a testament that all our processes, procedures, and policies meet the world's latest standards and best practices for interpreting services, powered by cutting-edge technologies, and an outstanding interpreting team.

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