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App Localization

Address Your Audience with App Localization Services

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What is App Localization?

Mobile App localization is the process of adapting the application to appeal to different audiences and geographic target markets, including UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). The process must consider the cultural, linguistic, and technical differences between the original and target end-consumer. Meanwhile, the process ensures that the localized version does not differ from the original app in terms of functionality and usability.

App Localization

How does it work?

App localization is more than translating the interface only; the process involves adapting the products, the content, and the user experience to a specific market with a specific audience. The process includes:
Language and Translation
Translators, who are working on the process, must be provided with the precise context to ensure that the translated version is appropriate to local terms, expressions, idioms, structures, etc.
Date Format
Not all languages use the same date format, whether in ordering (DD/MM/YY – MM/DD/YY – YY/MM/DD - etc.) or the kind of calendar it depends (Gregorian – Hijri – etc.).
Currency Usage
Localization should consider the local currency to encourage more transactions.
Numbers and Measurement Units
Local numeric systems and measurement units have to be researched and analyzed to be correctly applied and used.
Layout and Direction of Writing
Target language must be thoroughly studied to put the right layout, as not all languages are written from left to right, such as Arabic.
Design, Colors, and Imagery
Designers should ensure providing enough space for language-specific text expansions between different languages; and choose the colors, images and icons, which are appropriate and understandable to the audience of the target culture.
Local Regulations
While localization, legal requirements must be carefully considered, like what is prohibited, what is allowed, and what the client shall be sued for.

How do we do it?

Contentech follows a strict methodology that adheres to the internationally applied ISO standards and the ASO best practices of the industry:


Our strategy ensures conducting the required research of the target market to be ready on business, technical, and cultural sides. Cultural and historical conventions, social regulations, economic levels, language and dialects, consumer habits are all well examined. In addition, the extent and purpose of the app is crucially beard in mind, because the elements and components that might need localization can differ according to the App’s nature starting from the interface only, to user instructions, videos, product information, etc.


Our team starts working on the app localization while focusing on adjusting the product to the cultural context of the target market. We build and create a neutral client experience that lines up with the cultural medians of the target market, from the content and text to visuals and designs, with very careful attention to religious, cultural, and social symbols and conventions. Our App Localization service covers content, design, images, captions, graphs, product descriptions, usage instructions, etc. We make sure that the localized app quality is as perfect as the native version.


This phase is mostly about crafting app listing data in App/Play store that matches client’s search queries in their own languages, by translating titles and app information and inserting the related search keywords of the target language. ASO (App Store Optimization) helps the app to be easily and timely found, and accordingly getting higher traffic, more downloads, more transactions, and best revenue.


It is crucially important to perform a series of tests and technical validations after localization to make sure that the localized version is fully functioning. Our professional technical team does all necessary and follows all the guidelines to release a complete and perfect version of every localized application.

App Localization Facts:

  • The App Store is available in 175 countries and 40 languages.
  • Most browsing nowadays is on apps rather than browsers.
  • Almost all smartphone users use various apps, especially when the apps are available in local languages.
  • 90% of smartphone usage is on apps; only 10% on browsers.
  • More than half the world’s mobile subscribers are based in the Asia-Pacific region, who are non-English speakers.
  • When apps are localized, they see an 800-fold increase in revenue.

Why should you localize?

App Localization services offer unlimited advantages and promising opportunities that include but not limited to:
Helping tapping the non-English speaking markets.
Improving conversion rate, transactions, sales and ROI.
Increasing visibility and exposure, consequently app downloads.
Improving and increasing the overall rankings in app stores.
Ensuring reach and increasing potentials.
Acquiring wider market share.

Maintaining the international expansion plans.

Localize your App and get the most of it

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