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Crafting Global Connections for Three


With a proud history of 30 years, ContLoc stands out as a pioneer in precision-driven translation and localization services. Here, language transforms into a powerful bridge connecting cultures and markets. As language architects, we sculpt words and meanings to transcend borders and convey localized human experiences in every corner of the globe.


A Legacy of Excellence Since 1994

translation and localization services

For over three decades, Contentech has been at the forefront of the language industry, and the provision of professional translation services in more than 100 languages. Reshaped under the range of ContLoc, our language services are your gateway to understanding and connecting with diverse audiences. Each word carries the weight of accurate communication across borders, and each thread tells a story of global connectivity.

A Legacy of Linguistic Excellence


New Concept for Content Localization

Tailored to perfection, ContLoc services ensure your content speaks every language with precision and cultural resonance.

How difficult is it to extend your success into new markets?
Establish cultural bonds with your new audience everywhere with ContLoc’s multilingual localization solutions.


AI-Powered Solutions Shaping the Future

Our AI-driven technologies drive innovation in translation and localization. Experience the fusion of technology and humanity, where algorithms enhance the art of language.


AI-empowered workflow


Neural Engines Machine Translation


Translation Management System


CAT tools


Translation Memory


Every industry has its own language, and ContLoc speaks them all

The ContLoc Advantage

Time for your brand to fly the world with unique localized content. Choose ContLoc for a level of precision that transforms translation into an art of expression.

ISO certificates and global association memberships

A legacy of over 30 years and expert team of linguists

All services available in more than 100 languages

A comprehensive suite of translation and localization services

A blend of linguistic finesse and technological innovation

Customized services that are Industry-specific and culturally relevant

translation localization services
Join a global network that relies on our expertise, ensuring message resonate authentically in every language.
Elevate your global communication with ContLoc today.