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Website Localization Services

What is Website Localization?

In today’s digital world, a website has become vital for business and connecting with audiences. But for those with global ambitions, website localization is just as important as having an online presence. With potential customers throughout the world, it’s important to have an access point online for different audiences, whether they speak English or Arabic. Website localization is the process of taking your website and making it suitable for various cultures, languages, and people.

While website localization does include translation, it goes far beyond this step. It will consider how best to modify your existing website and the content, from the written words to the layout, for the intended audience.  It’s not just the content your viewers see that benefit from website localization services either but areas like meta tags, HTML, and other aspects too.

Website localization can be a complex process but one that businesses worldwide must undertake to reach audiences around the world.

What is the Process of Website Localization?

The process of website localization services can vary from project to project, depending on the needs of each individual customer and the complexity of their website. However, there are some steps that we take with every project.

Initial client communication – We know how important your project is and will take the time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and your requirements, such as deadlines. We will also analyze your website and existing content so we’re able to make recommendations to you.

Translation – Our expert, in-country based translators will then translate your existing content. We don’t just translate word for word either, our team will ensure your meaning and context is reflected in the target language too.

Website localization – Your website is more than just words and the website will need to be localized too. This could include changing databases, graphics, and the layout of pages.

Quality assurance – Every project we work on is tested and thoroughly checked, ensuring high standards every time.

Delivery – The completed project will then be handed over to you in the format that you want.

Types of Website Localization

Website localization services encompass your whole website and as a result, are usually made up of many different elements. The types of website localization you need will depend on your individual needs but could include:

Translating content – Your words are often one of the key parts of your website and the language you use should reflect your audience. This means all your content, from product descriptions to keyword phrases, should be translated and localized.

Customer support – Customers today expect online customer service to provide the information they need in a clear and efficient way. For businesses wanting to reach new customers, localizing customer support and multilingual chat is an important step.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO is part of what helps drive people to your website when they’re using search engines. But the keywords and behavior people use can vary in different regions. Localizing your SEO means that potential customers are able to find and visit your website when they’re in a different location.

Graphics – Websites are made up of more than just words and the graphics, images, and other components are important parts to consider in localization projects.

Desktop publishing – Changing the language and graphics of a website can have a huge impact on its appearance, for instance, text can become significantly longer or shorter. Desktop publishing services ensure the format still looks great. If you’re translating from a right-to-left language to a left-to-right language or vice versa, it can mean the whole page may need to be mirrored.

Localizing programming – The HTML, Javascript, or any other programming your website users can also be localized to reflect the target audience.

Our Area of Expertise

Our combined skills in language and technology mean we’re perfectly placed to offer website localization services. When you work with us, you’ll have access to in-country based translators that have been thoroughly tested during the recruitment process and technology engineers that are backed by years of experience. Together it means we’re not only able to translate your content but transform the whole of your online presence to suit each audience that you work with.

We’ve worked with global companies for over two decades and the expertise we’ve acquired means that we not only understand the importance of your localization project but can execute it and deliver.

Adding value to your projects

Our team of experts will work together to create a website that both captures your original message and intent and reflects your intended audience. On average our in-house team is backed by more than a decade of experience in their field and where we work with freelancers they are meticulously picked to ensure they are of the highest caliber. Our combination of skills and experience means we can add value to your website localization project every time, ensuring you connect your target market.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We work with our customers to fully understand their needs and expectations for every localization project.
  2. Our translators and resources are all in-country based, so you know that the content will accurately reflect your target audience.
  3. We’ve worked with global companies to translate and localize their content for over 20 years, building up an enviable reputation during this time.
  4. We make sure that we’re accessible so if you have any questions we’re able to respond quickly.
  5. We’re cost-effective. We know that budget constraints can be limiting but our cost-effective solutions can still provide the services you need without sacrificing quality.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.