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Transcreation Services

Definition of Transcreation

If you’re targeting a new market that speaks a different language, no doubt you’ll be preparing to have your content and materials translated. But there is another option, Transcreation services.

Transcreation, or creative translation, gives the translators and copywriters some artistic license. It might seem like a risky move to those that are new to the concept but it can give your material a better way to reach the intended audience. Translation focus on changing content word-for-word and the process can sometimes result in meanings, messages and values being lost. Transcreation, by contrast, allows translators and linguists to effectively use their knowledge of the language and culture to provide new materials that your target audience is better able to connect with.

The result is material that captures both the original message and tone and reflects the characteristics and personality of the new language and demographics. Transcreation service takes the translation to the next level.

The process of Transcreation

The process of transcreation is similar to that of translation and we follow the same quality assurance process in every one of our projects to ensure you’re guaranteed the high standard you’d expect from Contentech.

We’ll take your original document where it will be given to a native speaker of the new language. They will be fully aware of the local culture and have up to date knowledge of language developments, such as nuances. This means that by combining transcreation and copy-writing, they are able to create content that is both suitable for your target audience and reflects the original message of your source content. Every project we work on is then extensively reviewed to ensure it’s error-free and accurate.

Types of Transcreation

Transcreation service can be the perfect hybrid of translation and creative copy-writing, allowing you to reach multiple audiences with a message that reflects their culture and local tone. For businesses that are launching into new markets, it’s difficult to adapt materials, from packaging to marketing campaigns, in a way that combines the business and the local characteristics. Our creative translation service provides a solution to that problem and can meet your business needs, whether you’re an established global brand or taking the first step into a new and exciting market.

  • Global brand consulting

If you’re a global brand striking the right balance between your business’ brand and creating a unified message and local relevancy can be a challenge. We can help you address this. Our transcreation experts will be able to take your values, ethos and overall brand style into consideration throughout the process while still writing and presenting the content in a way that will connect with your target audience.

Using transcreation and copy-writing means that your content is tailored to suit each demographic but still captures the essence of your business.

  • Copy-writing

While direct translations can sometimes be the best option, at other times creating original pieces of copy can have the best outcome. In this case, copywriters can take on board your usual brand tone and style and present it in a way that’s perfect for your audience, speaking their language. Through using local idioms and phrases, your content will resonate with the audience in a way that can be impossible to replicate with a simple translation.

  • Transcreation with multiple message option

We know that businesses often have multiple messages that they focus on and different copywriters will center on different points. That’s why we offer transcreation services with a multiple message option. We’ll create more than one piece of copy in the translated text, showing you different options and giving you the flexibility to choose which piece is best for your purposes.

Our Area of Expertise

Taking your content and tailoring it to meet the requirements of a new audience is what we do. And in the last 22 years, we’ve worked with more than 500 companies to do just that with a variety of materials, from printed documents to multi-platform digital campaigns. The combination of our expertise, knowledge and passion mean we’re perfectly placed to help businesses worldwide take advantage of new and emerging opportunities, wherever in the world they might be.

Backed by our industry leading team and pool of native, talented freelancers, we can help you take your business offering to a new location and capture the attention of the audience, without compromising on your brand.

How our expert as linguists and translators are added value to your project

Our transcreation and copy-writing services can add value to every single one of your projects. Backed by in-country linguists and translators your transcreation content will perfectly capture the essence of your business and the local culture of your intended audience. We’ll create materials that blend these two important elements together seamlessly, allowing you to get the most out of your content.

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. All our translators are in-country. This means they’ll understand not only the language but the culture too.
  2. Having worked in the industry for two decades we understand how to reflect your brand in transcreation content.
  3. We have translators and linguists all across the world to meet all your transcreation and copy-writing needs.
  4. Every project is quality assured, giving you peace of mind every time.
  5. Our competitive prices don’t mean we compromise on service or quality.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.