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What is Subtitling?

Video in today’s world can have a huge impact and help you connect with audiences. In the digital world, multimedia has become an invaluable tool that can deliver a wide range of benefits, from helping viewers understand your proposition to catch a potential customer’s eye. But what if you want to take your video to a new market? One solution to making your video footage more accessible is subtitling.

Video subtitling services are where the script of the video is taken and translated. The content in the target language will then appear on the screen, mimicking what is being said in the original language. It allows viewers to fully understand your video, even if the words spoken are not in their native tongue. It’s even possible to create multiple subtitles for a single project, allowing you to reach a whole new segment and audience.

Subtitling it a quick, easy, and cost-effective option for when you want to take your video content to new people and reap the benefits.

What is the Process of Subtitling?

The process of subtitling is simple, allowing for quick turnaround time to meet your needs and deadlines when compared to alternatives, such as adding voice-overs.  

The first step involves taking the original video and transcribing the script used. Our professional and experts translators will then use this to create the subtitles in your target language. Our team not only translates your words but their style, meaning, and context. Our process ensures your message doesn’t get lost in translation and reads just as well in the target language as it does in the source material.

Once the translation process has been completed, the subtitles will go through our quality assurance program and can be added to your multimedia footage.

Types of Subtitling

Each subtitling project that we undertake is designed with the customer in mind. There are several different types of subtitling we can offer to suit your exact needs each time. We can even combine multiple services to ensure your subtitles are perfect for your needs. Among the types of subtitling are:

  • Transcription – All subtitling projects will be transcribed. This is where the original text is written down and it can then be translated and transcribed in the source language.
  • Localization – We know that simple translation isn’t enough. Localizing your content means it is better able to connect with your audience. It will take local phrases, idioms, and references, for example, and make them relevant to the target viewers.
  • Multilingual subtitling services – Sometimes you want your content to appeal to multiple groups. In this case, you can have the script translated into multiple languages, allowing your audience to view your video and read the content in their native tongue.
  • Closed captions – We can add and translate closed caption to your content too. Closed captions are used to provide additional information to those that have impaired hearing, for instance, describing sounds or background music.

We can work with you to deliver transcripts in the target language in a way that suits you and the needs of your project. Whether you need the content in DFXP, SCC, or another format, we can deliver. If you want to learn more about the types of subtitling we offer and how we can create a bespoke offering with your project in mind, you can contact us.

Video Editing Services

In today’s globalized marketing landscape, videos of all types are playing a vital role in promoting your products, services and your overall brand, with video content definitely giving your business a remarkable competitive edge via online clicks, views, and television rating points (TRPs).

Therefore, a professional video editing service is increasingly becoming important, as it makes videos look visually better, which leaves viewers captivated, and it therefore positively impacts your business ─ and could make the sought-after difference!

Video Editing Process

When we receive your video footage, it’s then our job to put them together to create a wonderful video that meets your business requirements. So, let’s have a look at the phases of this process: 

  1. Story Editing: This is the phase where the shots are built into a “project” so that when you want them in order, your story comes to light.
  2. Story Trimming: It’s the phase of adjusting where two clips touch so that the transition from one shot to the next one is both smooth and unseen.
  3. Adding Transitions: We’ve got 3 transition sets: cuts, dissolves, and wipes ─ with each category creating a different emotion, and each used for different purposes.
  4. Titles: Titles are used to tell the audience some important things, for example, the name of a person speaking.
  5. Effects: Effects will be added after the story is complete, and it’s the fun part. They normally take time to look impeccable.
  6. Audio Mixing: It’s the phase where we improve the quality of your video by improving the sound quality. It’s how we blend all the individual tracks in the recording to create a version of the sound that is as good as possible.
  7. Final Look: Then, color problems should be fixed, or we might create emotional looks like the last step before output.
  8. Delivery: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality edited video, with fast turnaround and within the customer’s budget.

How do we select the right video editing software?

The process of how to choose video editing software is as simple as that: we use what is best for your video editing project, on a case-by-case basis, choosing from a variety of programs, including:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (PC or Mac)
  • iMovie (Mac)
  • Windows Movie Maker (PC)
  • Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
  • Camtasia Studio (PC)
  • Telestream Screenflow (Mac)
  • Camtasia Studio (PC)
  • Telestream Screenflow (Mac)
  • iMovie for iOS (iPhone)

Our Area of Expertise

Did you know that we’ve been operating in the translation and localization sector for more than 20 years? It’s the expertise and knowledge we’ve built up over this time that makes us stand out from the crowd.

We’ve built up a network of skilled and professional translators and linguists, all residing in the country that they translate to. This ensures that your message is accurate and portrayed in context every time you work with us. Even if you’re working on industry-specific content, where certain terms have no literal translation, you can rely on our translation experts, backed by experience in your field, to deliver the subtitling services or any other content, you need.

Adding Value to your Project

Here at Contentech, our translators and linguists can support your project and help you reach more people. Through translating your video content and adding subtitles, we’re able to take your single video to multiple audiences, ensuring your message is heard in a way that connects with each audience segment. Through providing content in their native language, you can build up a relationship with audiences globally.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We understand translation and will make sure that your message is just as clear in the target language.
  2. All of our translators and linguists are based in-country so you can rely on them to understand the local culture and add context.
  3. We make sure that we’re accessible to you. We know how important your project is and offer several different contact points to suit you.
  4. We’ve worked with global companies all over the world, including household names like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung.
  5. We’ve been working in the industry for over two decades and have become leaders in the sector.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.