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Your designed promotional pamphlets or regular publications make perfect sense in your home country, yet crossing the borders requires you to have them translated, or more accurately; localized. Traditional translation will not probably fulfill your needs since the document layout might need to be redesigned as per the target language requirements, you actually need something more. That is simply called desktop publishing services or DTP and in some cases known as Typesetting.

Multilingual desktop publishing or typesetting is a set of end-to-end technical and linguistic operations that ultimately aim to create localized documents meant for online or offline publishing, using various page layout software. DTP specialists pay meticulous attention to the tiniest details such as the length of words and paragraphs, kerning, and spatial anti-aliasing with regard to the target language typography and style. Examples of documents that require desktop publishing services are brochures, catalogs, or magazines, to name a few. Contentech is an ISO 17100-certified language service provider that offers unrivaled DTP services in accordance with the world’s latest standards.

Best-Practice Process

The DTP process considers all variables to come up with a foreign language document layout design that is in no way different from the original one. Our 360-degree process covers it all from translation to formatting and preparing ready-to-print documents. The following six steps show how our process for DTP requests flows: 


  • Preparation:


Once we receive your DTP request, a dedicated project manager will be instantly assigned to be in contact with you and he will ask you to dispatch your package of materials that includes all source files, images, fonts, symbols, and special characters. Make sure to note any special instructions you have like using a special font for the target language. The project manager will then hand over these materials to the localization support team and give them a sufficient orientation on your specific requests.


  • Localization Support:


In turn, our localization support team will juggle a number of initial and preparatory tasks to render the text ready for translation. This includes formatting, cross-platform document conversions (i.e. PDF to MS Word – PDF to InDesign – Illustrator to InDesign…etc.), and primary content analysis to assess the word count and the required translation management tools. Also, the localization support will cater to the text to the computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) before passing it on to the translation department.


  • Translation:


As a sequel to the previous efforts comes the translation team’s role. Our expert linguists will conduct translation only, translation and editing (TE), or translation, editing and proofreading (TEP) functions as per your requirements. This phase is done intently by a team of professional language specialists who are native in your target language and also have extensive knowledge of the translation subject matter.


  • Post-translation:


As soon as the translation pans out, the project manager sends the translated text back to the localization support team to prepare it for DTP. They will do what it takes to replace the original content in the source files with the new translated one. This essential transitional step is aimed at embedding the content in the original formats as a prelude to the deployment of desktop publishing services.


  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) or Typesetting:


Our DTP specialists’ team will take over afterward and do its magic. Once the translated text is situated in the source files by the localization support, the DTP department comes up with responsibilities ranging from professional typesetting to graphic localization and layout formatting. It usually begins with font management and text design, taking into account things like spacing and direction of written scripts. After that, the graphic and image placement takes place before the creation of a style sheet and template Design. Simply put, the DTP specialists will do everything needed to generate a final output of translated materials that identically mimics the original document. This output could be delivered in multiple formats, including an editable PDF version, as per your requirements.


  • Quality Control (QC):


Just like any other language service, the final step is all about running detailed quality assurance to secure the optimum results. A separate team of graphic experts and veteran linguists will review the target files against the source ones to compare all elements and ensure everything is in place. Also, an additional proofreading phase takes place to double-check the text and make sure the DTP team had it all covered.

Eventually, the project manager will deliver the full package to you on time along with an editable PDF so as to avoid any technical issues. The deliverables will feature the same formats and software used in the source package. And if you have any comments or suggested adjustments, communicate them directly with our project manager and the team will start handling them instantly.

Our DTP Solutions & Software Programs

Our number one priority is YOU! We, at Contentech, always endeavor to deliver a customer-centric service by tailoring our services to match our clients’ needs. For that reason, we offer multiple DTP packages and solutions, as follows:

  • DTP Project: Let your documents go through the full DTP process. All you need to do is send the source package over and leave the rest to us.
  • DTP Special: This is for if you have special requests, usually something to be amended or adjusted, such as bullets, numbering, header and footer, table of content (TOC), table of figures, or table of tables.
  • Update: This means that you already have a finalized DTP file, but you need to apply some updates to it and to the rest of your DTP files.
  • Graphic Edits: If you have images with text that need to be localized, we also offer separate graphic editing services.

Most importantly, we provide our services in all languages and across all formats. Below is a few examples of the platforms and formats we cover through our aforementioned DTP services: 

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • CorelDraw
  • JavaHelp
  • Ready Set Go
  • HTML
  • XML

Why Contentech?

Contentech has been providing unmatched multilingual desktop publishing services for over 25 years now. We support all languages and all software programs. Partner with us now, get the best in class DTP services done by a team of adept linguists and DTP specialists and rest assured your documents are well-secured. We offer you the best quality at the most reasonable rates. Contact us now and get your free quote!

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