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Mobile Apps Localization Services

Definition of Mobile Apps Localization

The explosion of smartphones and mobile apps means you can reach customers all over the world with an app. With thousands of potential customers just a download away, can you afford to miss out on opportunities because your apps aren’t localized for different demographics?

Mobile apps localization services take your existing app and framework and make it work for different target audiences around the world, considering everything from usability to how easy your app is to find in each language. The language plays an important role in localizing mobile apps but it goes beyond that too, it encompasses things like local context, currencies, and script direction. The Apple store is localized into over 30 languages and that figure alone ought to highlight the potential opportunities you’re missing by not translating and localizing your mobile app.

How Mobile Apps Localization is processing?

Our mobile apps localization services start by taking your source material and translating the content into the target language or regional dialects. This can range from changing key phrases and words where multiple countries speak the same language but have different nuances to complete rewrites.

Once the text has been translated, this will have to be transferred to the app and can mean adjusting the layout, for instance depending on which way text is read or when content becomes longer or shorter during the translation process. The combined expertise of both our translators and IT specialists means our team is able to work together to address issues during the process. All of our projects are thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure complete usability and accurate information.

Types of Mobile Apps Localization

When you initially create and develop your app, it’s a process that involves many different elements and mobile app translation and localization is no different. There are different types of mobile app localization that can be completed as a whole package or different segments to suit your business needs and goals.

  • User interfaces

Changing the user interface is vital to connecting with the audience as it’s the part of the app that they will interact with. Writing the content on the app in the language and style that your audience understands is a must to ensure they keep coming back and using your application.

  • On-screen commands

Like user interfaces, on-screen command localization is essential for the usability of your app for the target audience

. Even those that are multilingual will often prefer to use an app in their native language and reflects their culture.

  • Code

The code of your app will also need to change to reflect the mobile app translation and localization that you’ve started. You need the locate and replace the script of your app to avoid possible app malfunctions and bugs in the code. It’s an important step that if not conducted by professionals in the field can seriously impact on the success of your app.

  • App Store Materials

Localizing your app on its own isn’t enough, your potential users need to be able to find it too. This means localizing the materials in the app store, such as keywords, descriptions, and online help files, to support your new target audience.

  • Marketing Materials

Original marketing materials will also need to be translated and localized alongside the app in order to have the same impact as the source material. While in some cases, a direct translation may be all that’s needed, you may need to consider local culture, tones, and characteristics to give your marketing campaign the best chance to connect with the intended audience.

Our Area of Expertise

We’ve been supporting business aims for more than 20 years, delivering hands on solutions to translation and localization challenges. The rapid growth of technology and mobile apps means there’s been a growing demand for apps localization services and our combined knowledge of languages and IT skills mean we can help companies take their app to a whole new audience.

We’ve brought together a team of in-house specialists who on average have 10 years of industry experience with a talented network of freelancers, giving you access to the skills and cultural understanding that you need for every project.

We can take your mobile app translation and localization journey from inception to completion without losing your original intent but still giving you a point to connect with foreign markets. It’s our combination of skills that mean we’ve worked with global businesses on a huge range of projects, including helping businesses get the most out of their apps

How our expert as linguists and translators are added value to your project

We’ve been working with companies to meet their translation needs for over two decades and we’ve turned our industry leading skills to help you localize your mobile apps too. Our translators and linguists will work on your app content to ensure that it’s suitable for a new audience, allowing you to access more business opportunities. Our team will work with you to ensure your new content captures your original intent throughout while reflecting the culture of its intended audience.  

5 Reasons to Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We’re always on hand to answer your messages with multiple channels for you to contact us through.
  2. We hire only in-country based resources and vendors to ensure your content is perfectly suited to the audience.
  3.  We’re active members of worldwide leading organizations so you can rely on us to keep up to date.
  4.  Every mobile app localization project is rigorously tested to ensure high standards are met.
  5. We know how important your deadlines are and always meet your needs without compromising quality.

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