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 Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) is the final solution to the age-old equation of volume, quality, and cost ─ which businesses have been trying to solve for decades!

Traditionally, businesses have always had to choose between 3 options: sacrifice cost, which means to incur high costs, to have high volume with high quality; or sacrifice volume, which means to minimize the translation project volume, to keep high quality with low cost; or forget quality for the sake of high volume plus low cost.

However, the growing man-machine cooperation has finally produced a magic way out ─ post-editing services.

MTPE is the process of having human translators review and edits the machine-translated content so that it meets the three objectives of volume, cost ─ and QUALITY! With this, the client gets the fabulous net result of a high volume of translation content, at a lower cost, with roughly the same high level of quality.

Just as in every field, sector or industry across the globe, vendors may provide the same service, and yet each one delivers individually ─ and this applies also to MTPE!

When is MTPE appropriate?

When it comes to machine translation post-editing, the option is ideal if the client requests to translate large volumes of content within a short time frame. It’s also good when the client usually translates content in the same language pairs in a specific sector or industry ─ for example, technical brochures, user guides, etc. Besides, MTPE is great when the client is in need of just “rough translation”, where quality is not a big issue. It happens!

How does machine translation post-editing benefit businesses?

With many years’ hands-on experience in the field, we can say that there are a few reasons we should give post-editing services a chance:

1- Volume: Generally, MTPE can produce a larger volume of content quicker than human translation.

2- Cost: Since time is money, especially when it comes to translation, machine translation post-editing services normally cost less than human translation, simply because they take less time.

3- Turnaround Time: MTPE normally gives faster turnaround than human translation

How Does It Work?

Let’s view MTPE as a sort of quality assurance QA added on machine translation (MT)! At Contentech, we are different, standing out with many features. 

  • First, we usually start by making sure that the source content is properly written and tuned for MT. Then the process for MT is applied.
  • Second, we always integrate terminology management across source text authoring, MT, and translation management systems. 
  • Third, our professional human linguists start to edit the output from the MT.
  • The final version, therefore, will have just about the same linguistic accuracy and stylistic quality as the translations wholly done by expert translators ─ albeit with as much volume and low cost as possible, as well as with the fastest turnaround possible. 

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach, so our translation approach is usually based on the business industry, type of project, source and target languages, the target market and target audience. 

That is to say, our dedicated project managers usually assess the requirements of each translation project and tell the client if our machine translation post-editing is the right approach for their translation needs.

Our Area of Expertise

For many years, we’ve earned a worldwide reputation for leveraging machine-assisted translation to deliver translation projects with speed and at competitive rates.

Moreover, when it comes to our post-editing services, we’ve put in place a post-editing process that relies on our native professional translators and editors who review the MT output with a view to adding high quality to high speed and low cost so as to deliver a final translation output that exceeds the expectations of our top-notch clients in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to game localization, hardware & technical, healthcare, medical & pharma, marketing, software & IT, telecommunication and many others.

What value do we provide?

Unlike conventional MT services, we, at Contentech, provide superior man-controlled translations in which human translators provide further added value by revising the MT-generated content to ensure that it’s grammatically correct, error-free in terms of spelling and meaning, as well as consistent in terms of terminology and structure.

Most importantly, our reviewers do their work with their eyes on the guidelines and instructions provided by the client and in line with each industry’s standards. Above all, they conduct their review taking into consideration the objective of finally producing content that is both clear and engaging for the client’s target audiences.

5 Reasons for Choosing CONTENTECH

1- An ISO 17100 certified language services vendor, our quality assurance process, for MTPE and all other services, is one of the best in the entire language services industry.

2- Our experienced post-editors are professional, expert, with each of them chosen according to their area of expertise. 

3- Fastest turnaround times.

4- We leverage state-of-the-art technology to keep pace with the evolving fields of machine learning, MT, and translation automation practices.

5- We provide a full suite of professional MTPE services that includes the options of end-to-end service, post-edit-only service, and API automation.

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