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What is Localization Support?

Whether you have a website or a piece of software which you are keen to launch to the global market, making it suitable for an international audience is key to your success. Although your product may suit your local area, it is likely that there are elements which need a little extra tweaking to work well around the world.

Localizing your product through adapting the technical, cultural and linguistic elements will enable it to reflect more accurately your target market, and will ensure that your audience around the world will be able to connect more effectively with your product.

However, in order to effectively localize your product, you need to ensure that the process is effectively carried out and supported throughout for optimal results. We can offer full localization support services to ensure that your website or software product is as accessible as possible to a global target audience.

Types Of Localization Support

We understand that supporting your website or software localization can be complex, and therefore we ensure the highest standards throughout. When you choose our localization support services you can ensure that every aspect of support will be fully covered for your peace of mind and for the success of your project. We offer a comprehensive range of localization support services to ensure that your product is accessible and appealing to your target audience around the world. The types of localization support we offer include:

  • Formatting – when translating digital content finding the correct localization format for your needs is essential. Whether selecting a format which supports a number of plural forms or contextual variances, finding a format which can be easily ingested by your translation management software is essential. We can help you with this challenge.
  • Preparation – getting the preparation right when localizing your product is essential and can be complex. From ensuring consistency of global branding to double checking business and data protection laws in your target countries we can assist with this time-consuming process.
  • Conversion – converting your project to suit the needs of your target locale is more than just simply changing the language of the text and multimedia. It also involves seamlessly converting layouts, currencies, units, dates and addresses so that they perfectly reflect the country context. We specialize in offering this support service.
  • Font and text design – when working with a range of languages, finding the correct font and text design to best showcase your content is essential. We have expertise in multilingual typesetting and can ensure that your product is presented to its best advantage.
  • Graphic/Image Placement – when converting your website to suit a different locale it is common to discover that graphics and images which were used in their original context are no longer optimally placed or are no longer culturally appropriate. We can handle this element of your project with ease.
  • Style sheet and template design – having a user-friendly interface which is dynamic and flexible is essential when localizing your content. We can ensure that expansion and contraction are effectively accommodated within your website framework to optimal effect.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – OCR is used to turn PDF files into Word documents that can then be effectively reviewed for errors and translated. We are specialists in using this process to ensure your site is optimally localized.

Our Area of Expertise

Not only is our team composed of translation experts, but also designers, project managers and technical engineers who can handle every element of your localization project and offer all the support services that you need. With a decade of experience behind our in-house team and only the highest caliber freelance translators working for us, you can be confident that you will receive the best quality localization support from us.

Adding value to your projects

Thanks to the support of our linguists, translators, and extended team, we are able to add increased value to your project. With our expertise in localization support, you can be confident that your product and brand will be effectively delivered to a wider audience to expand your reach and boost your revenue.

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. Our team works closely with you in order to meet your individual requires, from deadlines to budget.
  2. Every translator and linguist that we use are based in-country so you can be confident that all content will perfectly reflect your intended location.
  3. Our team has worked with a number of household names from around the globe including  Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung.
  4. We’re always on hand to respond to your queries, and we offer multiple channels through which you can contact us.
  5. We have a rigorous program of quality assurance to ensure that our work consistently meets the highest standards.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.