Localization Engineering Services

What is Localization Engineering?

Do you have some software that you want to take to a new market? Localizing the content is vital for success – it makes it easier for your new audience to connect with and relate to. When you localize a project, it involves a lot of key elements coming together to achieve a successful conclusion to the project. The process of engineering means that the whole project and each component works together and runs smoothly, from initially assessing the workflow and deadlines to testing the final product as part of the quality assurance step.

Localization engineering allows you to take your project or software around the world, fully taking advantage of opportunities open to you, wherever in the world, they are. The process can cover a whole range of tasks depending on each individual project but the focus remains the same – to deliver high-quality software applications that are suitable for various intended audiences.

The role of a localization engineer is to take the files and prepare them for translation, work with linguists, and then put the new, translated information back into the built environment. The result is software that’s been built with an audience in mind while still reflecting the original intent without compromising on usability or functionality.

What is the Process of Localization Engineering?

The process of localization engineering can be extensive depending on each individual piece of software and project. But with our 10-step process, you know that your project, whether big or small, will meet our high standards every time.

  1. The first step in localization engineering is to size up the project and assess the work that needs to be completed.
  2. We’ll then set up terminology so the completed project meets your exact needs and reflects your business.
  3. The source software will then be prepared for localization, this can include breaking it down and gaining a better understanding of the product.
  4. The software is then engineered and tested to fully understand how it works and therefore creates a better-localized product.
  5. The text from the project is extracted and given to in translators and linguists to translate. They won’t just consider the words but also phrases and cultural references.
  6. In some cases, the user interface may need to be resized to reflect where the text has become shorter or longer.
  7. The localized resource files will then be compiled into a running application.
  8. The software will be thoroughly tested to ensure it’s functional and none of the actions have been lost during the translation process.
  9. Final quality assurance to ensure that the localization engineering process is of a high standard and mistakes have not been missed also takes place.
  10. The final step is the creation of screen captures to demonstrate the work completed and the delivery of the final, localized project.

Types of Localization Engineering

While localization engineering is a relatively new process, driven by business needs to operate on a global scale, there are many different strands to completing a project. It’s not just about translating the text but making the software work in the target language too. It can mean a complex process that requires both translation and technology skills to work seamlessly together.

The type of localization engineering you require will depend on a whole range of factors, from the file type to the coding used. Tasks that localization engineers undertake include:

  • Analyzing the files.
  • Handling non-translatable text and any issues within this
  • Supporting translators working on the text.
  • Creating and maintaining translation memories.
  • Converting file formats to those best suited.
  • Using previous translations to achieve goals.
  • Testing the localized software.

Our Area of Expertise

Our combined expertise in translation and tech make us the perfect partner for your localization engineering project. When you work with us, it’s not just the translatable text you can rely on to connect with customers, it’s the product too.

We know how different and diverse cultures are and we’ll work with you to build your software for the needs of your user, reflecting their language and culture. For instance, if you’re translating copy from a left-to-right language to a right-to-left language, we’ll be able to change your user interface so that it mirrors the original and gives both users of the source and target language the experience you want.

Adding Value to your Projects

We know how important your localization engineering project is to you and your business plans. That’s why our translators, linguists, and tech professionals are all backed by years of experience, ensuring that neither your message nor functionality is lost in translation. We can add value to all of your projects by making them reflect a new market and the next step in an exciting business venture

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. Our team of translators is all in-country, ensuring your content reflects the local culture every time.
  2. We’re backed by more than 20 years of experience and have worked with big brands on a huge range of projects.
  3. Our customers are our focus and while our prices might be cost-effective our quality remains high and will meet your standards.
  4. We have a tough quality insurance programme in place so you can rely on us to deliver.
  5. We know that accessibility is important and are contactable through a number of channels, even on the weekends.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.