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Linguistic Validation Services

What is Linguistic Validation?

Do you work with patient-reported outcome measures that need translating? We know how important accurate translations that you can rely on every time are. With Linguistic validation, you can rest assured that all your audience interprets the information and data you offer in the same way. When you’re conducting research across multiple cultures and languages, it’s a vital step for ensuring that the gathered information can be compared without errors occurring due to misunderstandings.

Within the medical and clinical industry, there are lots of technical vocabulary, industry terms, and nuances of languages that may not have a literal translation. Even when content has been translated this can mean inaccuracies occur, with sector-specific terms not reading well in the target language. Linguistic validation is the key to solving this problem.

Of course, there are other specialists and sectors that can encounter this problem too. It’s possible to use linguistic validation methods in other areas – providing content to the target audience with no distortion.

What is the process of linguistic validation?

Usually, linguistic validation is used for translated patient-reported outcomes to actively test the new text with the target language group. It follows a set methodology but it is possible to transfer this process to other sectors to achieve content that doesn’t lose meaning, even when industry terms are used.

The steps of linguistic validation are:

  1. Forward translation – Initially the original content will be given to translators, including multiple translators for each target language. They will then forward translate to the target language.
  2. Reconciliation – The different versions of the target text will then be reconciled to create a harmonized text that matches the source document in intent and language.
  3. Patient testing – The translated documents are then tested on patients in real-time, including a cognitive debriefing where patients are asked questions about their understanding of the text and how easy it was to read.  
  4. Final review and correct translation – The translators will take the results of the patient test into consideration and make changes to the text where appropriate. The final text is then validated and can be distributed.

Types of Linguistic Validation

Within the medical and clinical sectors, there are multiple ways that linguistic validation can be used to support translated documents and various types of content, including:

  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Clinical trials
  • Patient questionnaires
  • The validity of research data
  • Legal recommendations and documentation

With our support, you know that any document type that needs to be translated can be linguistically validated before you customer or partners see the content, ensuring every piece of text accurately reflects your message with the intent and purpose of the source material.

It’s not just the medical profession that can benefit from the linguistic validation process either. In sectors where you need to conduct multiple language research or want your findings to reach a wider audience, linguistic validation is a step you should take. Utilizing linguistic validation services not only provides a basic translation but also gives you the extra reassurance that your intended audience, no matter where in the world, will understand what you’re saying to them.

Our Area of Expertise

It’s not just our translation skills that set us apart from our competitors but the sector-specific knowledge of our team harnesses. When you need to make industry terms come across accurately in a variety of languages, only a specialist translator who fully understands the industry will do.

When you pick Contentech, we’ll assess your work and match you with one of our expert, world-class translators, ensuring you’ll work with a professional that suits your requirements. As well as specialist medical translators, we have a whole range of experts on hand to meet your needs, including those operating in the following sectors:

  • Legal
  • Software
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Scientific
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering

Adding value to your projects

When you embark on a translation project, we know how important it is to you to make the content accessible to the intended audience. Our expert translators and linguists can add value to your technical project, whether in the medical sector or tech, helping convey your meaning, even when industry terms are involved. Working together our team of translators will test all linguistically validated content with the intended audience so you know they’ll understand your message.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We have teams of specialist translators to meet your needs, even if the content is industry-specific.
  2. We’re cost-effective. But we never compromise on the quality of the work produced.
  3. We’ve been translating documents for clients all over the world for more than 20 years.
  4. Every one of our projects is quality assured, giving you peace of mind.
  5. We provide integrated services so you can get all your translation needs in one easy location.

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