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Unlike classroom-based learning, eLearning is mainly to use the internet-based technology to access an educational curriculum, which finally gives you an easier, more self-paced, and more flexible learning path. In our digital age, eLearning is the best method for businesses to train employees, and for individuals to continue their education.

Is it Important to localize eLearning material?

It’s one of two things. First, you might be a very local business; so okay, it happens. Second, you’re a global company or a local business with global ambitions. So, continue reading!

And it’s time to ask a good question: why is the eLearning industry booming from Norilsk, the world’s northernmost city, to Wellington, the southernmost capital city in the world?

Simply because global businesses, with employees speaking multiple languages and living in various countries, have come to understand that it’s time to radically change the way training is delivered.

Fully aware of the statistics that show a 50% increase in the productivity of employees using eLearning, compared to classroom-based learning, companies are happy to save between 50% and 70% in costs when going for eLearning. But why localize eLearning material?

Because if you train all your employees in one language, say English, it’ll be great for employees whose mother tongue is English, while other employees will find it difficult to follow. Therefore, your business will have to outsource eLearning translation services to make the training material accessible to all. But, is translation enough?

Big no. Translating course modules usually face many socio-cultural barriers that could get in the way of your company’s progress. The solution consists definitely in eLearning translation services. But, what’s the difference?

eLearning localization makes the e-learning material more engaging because the professional localization experts usually tweak the training content to make the courses appropriate to a specific culture, and therefore more effective.

Types of content that need eLearning translation services:

eLearning translation services usually cover a broad range of training types that include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer service training
  • Production training
  • Compliance training
  • Hospitality training
  • Nutrition and wellbeing tutorials
  • Safety management tutorials
  • Automotive dealer training tutorials
  • Financial software training courses
  • Sales techniques training

Our extensive solid expertise

Rest assured that the money and efforts you’ve invested in producing engaging eLearning material will not be wasted. Your training content will be translated and localized into equally engaging material that will appeal to your employees in other countries where employees speak other languages, and, more importantly, will perfectly resonate with their cultural nuances. It’s our area of knowledge!

Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive, solid experience in localizing eLearning modules and courses, helping hundreds of clients to improve their training content’s consistency as well as increase the material’s cultural and contextual involvement. It’s our job!

Expert team with added value

Our expert team of eLearning linguists is the major asset we have and take pride in. All professionals, at Contentech, are experts in your target language and fully understand your target market so that your eLearning content will be grasped by your employees all over the world.

Not only top-quality eLearning translation services, but we actually provide an all-inclusive suite of language services, including desktop publishing, audio recording, cultural adaptation, document translation, mobile application localization, subtitling, website localization, and many others. 

5 Reasons for Choosing Contentech

According to the top-notch who have partnered with us during the past quarter-century, we are different from other language service vendors due to many reasons, including:

1- Quality: Over the years, we’ve developed an obsession with quality, according to our clients! Our quality assurance process is one of the most rigorous and robust in the entire language services industry, as it involves checking for design, layout, graphics, embedded text, and icons, as well as resolving such issues as text expansion and reversing language direction.

2- Team: Your project is handled only by native speakers who have subject-matter expertise and capable of delivering culturally appropriate perfect translations.

3- Customer service: We take pride in providing our partners with the highest standards of care. Highly responsive, we’re reachable 24/7, so our customer can reach us and share any concerns or inquiries. Besides, we dedicate a project manager to your eLearning translation project to ensure smooth and efficient project delivery.

4-Turnaround: We’re known for our 100% guaranteed commitment to deadlines, no matter how tight.

5- Seamless service experience: We provide a full suite of language services on a turnkey basis. No bits and pieces, but everything are within our reach and power.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.