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Translation matters

It’s never been easier to reach new customers from all over the world but being able to effectively communicate requires a bit more work. In the world of E-commerce, your traffic can be truly global, so the need to speak to people in a language they understand is imperative to your success

There’s often the assumption that having your E-commerce store or website in English only will be sufficient, but this simply isn’t the case. Did you know that around half of customers won’t visit your page if it’s not in their language? And even if they do click on your website, over 70% would be more likely to buy your products if the descriptions had been translated into their own language.

Taking the time to translate your product descriptions and E-commerce store content into other languages could be the final barrier you need to break to expand into new markets globally.

Here at Contentech, we have tens of native speakers with many years of experience waiting to translate whatever you need to open up a new world of E-commerce.

Using language as a tool

Nothing speaks to a customer deciding on an item in your store more than reading a product description in their own language. Instantly available, being able to converse in their native language provides customers with the chance to comfortably connect and engage.

By translating your content into a local language, you’ll open doors which would otherwise be closed. The chance to reach thousands of more customers all over the world is as simple as offering your product descriptions, customer services and user reviews in a more accessible way.

Rather than being a block, the language could be the key you need to unlock eCommerce success. By reaching out to new customers in their own language, you’ll instantly be ahead of your competitors who are only using English across all of their product and category descriptions.

We believe that a language is a tool and when used properly, can be one of the most effective techniques to penetrate new markets when it comes to E-commerce.

Quality translation

Of course, translating your online store content can be done in lots of different ways but not all will produce the same result. A poorly worded translation is arguably worse than no translation at all. As well as being stiff and awkward, a poor translation may also include nonsensical phrases or misinformation – all of which could harm your brand.

Automated translation tools are useful for helping to decode occasional phrases or words that you don’t understand but they’re simply not designed to translate full content. Taken word by word, automated translation can miss the overarching meaning of the text and when read by a native speaker, it can sound extremely jumbled and incoherent. Product descriptions need to do just that – describe something accurately with a hint of sales talk.

It’s surprisingly affordable to get a proper translation for your whole range of product descriptions or user reviews, and in the long run, it will pay for itself many times over. The potential benefits of human translation are manifold and will set you apart as an E-commerce store that represents high quality.

Building a viable strategy

Whether you want to build new content from the start or translate existing pages and item descriptions, we can help with our expert E-commerce translation services.  Available around the clock and during weekends too, all of our translators are native speakers and can bring your products to life in the target language.

By drawing on our translation services, it’s possible to build a viable strategy to reach new customers in Africa and the Middle East. Local knowledge is essential to gain trust and credibility by using language in the right way.

E-commerce is more than simply putting the words in the right order; it requires an understanding of strategies such as SEO. We are experts in the field and can provide you with a superior translation that will enhance your online strategy. Titles, product descriptions and content that speak directly to the reader while also ranking highly on search engines only comes with quality translation, which is where we step in.

An omnichannel experience

Maintaining a digital presence is now about being available in a wide range of channels, including email, apps and mobile access too. Whichever touchpoint your customer selects, they need the reassurance of reaching localized content.

Here at Contentech, we can provide translation services for all your channels, helping to ensure that however your customers engage, they won’t hit an embarrassing culture gap.

Over half of customers say that language is more influential than price when they’re thinking about making a purchase. By taking the time to provide native content across every channel you’ll instantly increase your chances of a sale.


If you already have an established E-commerce site, we make it so easy to obtain an accurate translation into a multitude of target languages. We handle everything from the product and category descriptions, to your home and about us pages, and anything else you feel is important to have in a range of languages.

Talk to the translation experts

At Contentech language is our passion and we want to make every experience your customer has the very best possible. With hundreds of linguists and bases in Egypt and India, we offer insight into a native culture that can’t be beaten.

With more than 1 million words translated every year, Contentech is the trusted name for your E-commerce translation. Get in touch with us today and discover how we could help you.


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