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Cultural Adaptation Services

Definition of Cultural Adaptation

For businesses, the world is becoming more connected than ever giving them access to increased opportunities globally and new audiences. But connecting with these potential customers can be a challenge and it goes beyond a language barrier.

Every culture has its own trends, styles, concerns and more and if you really want to prosper on a global scale your material, from simple brochures to complex pieces of software, needs to reflect each of your target markets. Cultural adaptation is about tailoring your content so that it appeals to each community, enticing them to connect with your business, products and brand and helping you to become more successful.

While there are translators that can transform the text from one language to another, it takes a specialist to consider the local quirks and trends of each location that will truly help you build a relationship with customers but the added depth can drive a business forward.

The process of Cultural Adaption  

Here at Contentech we know how important cultural adaptation is to make your business a success and work with your every step of the way to ensure your content reflects its target market. Whether your content simply needs to be reviewed or could do with an entire overhaul, we’re here to help you.

We’ll begin by assessing your individual needs and that of your target customers, to better understand the work that needs to be taken. Our specialist translators and linguists will then work on your content to culturally adapt it and ensure it reflects your new demographic. Our rigorous quality assurance program means everything we do is reviewed to ensure it’s error-free and meets your requirements.

Types of Cultural Adaptation

There’s more than one way to conduct a cultural adaptation process and we’ve got you covered whatever your needs, from initial consultation to testing you adapted content.

  • Initial Consultation

If you need some initial input for your cultural adaption we’re able to advise you. Our knowledge and experience mean we’re perfectly placed to help you start your journey to better connecting with customers around the world.

  • Strategic Plans and Research Studies

Your cultural adaptation process needs to be planned and uses research to form its decisions. We’re able to help you formulate this to ensure your new, fresh, and targeted content achieves its aims.

  • Community Management

The way you talk to your customers is more important in today’s world than ever, especially when you consider the rise of social media. But how you should connect and engage can vary hugely between different cultures and we can support you in building an effective community management plan.

  • Preparation of Custom Courses of Materials

While it’s possible to adapt current content, sometimes preparing custom materials for your new demographic can be just as valuable. We’ll be able to work with you throughout the process to capture both the essence of your brand and the attention of your target customers with custom courses and materials.

  • Strategic Plans and Implementation for Adaption

The culturally adapted materials themselves won’t boost your business, they also need to be implemented throughout your offering. We can help you plan for this deployment and put your message in front of the right people.

  • Review of Materials

We’re dedicated to ensuring all the projects we work on are error free and perfect for your customer. Our review of the materials ensures that any potential mistakes are picked up and missed opportunities to connect with your audience are addressed.

Test Adaptations

We will test your adaptions to assess their effectiveness in your target market and ensure that your intent and purpose of the original content is reflected in the new material.

We can work with you to prepare culturally adapted content for a variety of media and channels, giving you flexibility and access to a wide range of markets. We can help you utilize your content for:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Web and mobile advertising
  • Social media and networks
  • Above the line advertising

Our Area of Expertise

We’re experts in understanding the needs of our clients and helping them connect with their customers. With our support, you can take your brand to a whole new culture. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped ambitious businesses access new markets with our unique combination of skills and experience. More than 500 global companies have benefited from our services and you could too.

We use only in-country based resources so when you need your content to truly reflect a culture we’re the perfect team for you to work with. Our in-house staff and freelancers are perfectly placed to understand cultural quirks that can help make your content stand out from the crowd.

Adding value to your project

We know how important connecting with customers is today, especially if you operate in a competitive market. Our team of highly experienced and skilled translators and linguists are at your disposal when you work with us. When you’re targeting a new market or demographic they’ll help you ensure you speaking in a way that reflects them, giving your business a boost.

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We know how important it is for you to be able to reach us and ensure your messages are picked up quickly and in real time.
  2.  We’ve worked in the business for 22 years and can use our considerable expertise to help you.
  3.  We’ve worked with household names all over the world, including Microsoft, Sony, Nissan, Bayer, and Apple.
  4.  We allocate a generous budget to participate in leading industry events and conferences so we always know the latest trends.
  5. We know how challenging industry-specific content can be and hire specialists in a range of fields to ensure success every time.


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