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Back Translation Services

What is Back Translation Services?

Do you have content that needs to be localized accurately with added quality assurance? Back translation ensures a more robust final translation that reflects the nature and intent of the original document. For sensitive content or industry-specific work, it can be a useful tool for precision and ensuring your goals don’t become lost during the translation process.

Back translation involves a professional translator taking the original document and translating it into the new language. It is then passed on to a second translator to convert back into the original language if the two documents match it shows that the meaning and intention has been reflected in the new content.

Think of back translation as the equivalent of double checking your work – an essential step to take before releasing your content to your intended audience. It’s a tool that can help your business grow by eliminating mistakes and connecting with your new demographic.

The Process of Back Translation

Every time we work with our clients our aim to produce new documents that carry the same intent and meaning to a new audience or culture. Our four-step back translation process ensures that our standards are met every time.

1) Forward Translation

After speaking with you and understanding your needs, your original document will be given to a professional translator, if your document is industry specific we will use an expert in this field. They will then translate your document into the new language.

2) Back Translation

The new document will be passed on to another translator that will then translate the text back into the original language. This is to assess how well the new document reflects the original.

3) Pre-testing and Cognitive Interviewing

Once both documents have been completed we will commence comparing them. This includes using a portion of the target audience to assess how they interpret the information contained. If an issue arises, such as expressions being misused or certain words becoming confused, they will be addressed during this stage.

4) Final Version

Following the pre-tests and interviewing the final version will be ready. The back translation process means you can rest assured that your new document matches the original.

Types of Back Translation

While back translation does add time to the completion of the project, it’s well worth the time, effort, and money to ensure your translation is as accurate as possible. Business documents should reflect the professionalism of the firm across all areas and markets and back translation is one way to achieve this. Sometimes meanings can get lost and this can lead to expensive consequences in some cases, such as if a customer feels they have been mis-sold something because of an error during the translation process.

You can choose to have a single back translation or a double back translation for your project.

  • Single Back Translation

A single back translation follows the process outlined above. It’s ideal for all professional documents that you want to use to target a new market segment that has a different language or culture.

  • Double Back Translation

For an even more robust translation, you can choose to have a double back translation. This involves two translators taking the original documents and translating to the source language a third translator then works to reconcile the two pieces to create the most accurate and complete final documents. This type of translation is perfect for when the document is highly important, sensitive or is industry specific, especially if you’re using industry terms that have no literal translation.

Our Area of Expertise

Did you know we only hire in-country based resources and vendors? That means that you can rely on our team of full-time staff and freelancers to deliver the expertise you need, whatever your source or target language.

When it comes to back translation of our 20 years of experience of delivering hands-on solutions that our customers can always rely on means we’re well equipped to handle your project. Whether you need multiple translations or work in a field with industry terms, our wealth of experience puts us in good standing to offer you the guidance and support you’re after. With our back translation service, you know your new document can have the same impact as the original.

Adding Value to Your Project

Our talented team of translators and linguists can help you achieve your project goals. We can add value to your project by delivering your documents in a new language while still perfectly capturing the essence of your meaning and words. Our double back translation service and skilled members of staff mean you can rely on us to help you enter a new market every time.

5 Reasons For Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We work closely to work with our customers to understand their exact requirements for each project.
  2. Our quality assurance program guarantees that your project will be error-free, reflect the source material, and sounds correct in the target language.
  3. We’ve spent the last two decades building up our knowledge, insight, and talented team to deliver you high-quality services every time.
  4. We know that being accessible is important to our customers – that’s why we can be easily contacted via email, phone, or Skype at a time that suits you.
  5. We provide an integrated group of related services. Require a document to be back-translated but need other translation projects too? That’s no problem for us, we can help you.

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