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It’s a miracle by all standards that India has achieved since independence, and especially over the last decade, is a phenomenal success at both economic and business levels. According to the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business ranking report 2020, the Indian subcontinent jumped to the sixty-third rank among 190 countries, a leap of 14 places from 2018 ─ which is unquestionably a fabulous achievement.

And the prospects for growth for this year are equally good. According to The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and other rating agencies, the outlook for India’s GDP growth is an estimated 6% for this financial year.

All told, the 3 messages to local, regional and global companies wishing to invest in the Indian market – as well as to their Indian translation services partners – are crystal clear:

  1.     India is developing fast into an open-market economy.
  2.     The prospects of India’s long-term economic growth are very positive.
  3.     Do it, and do it now!

No excuse for being late?! It’s about time you moved forward to extend your footprint into this highly promising market. But what about languages? Does India have a single language widely spoken across the subcontinent? Do you need professional Indian Translation? Let’s see!

Indian Translation & The Diversity of Indian Languages

The second-most populous country around the world, India has a population of around 1.25 billion people speaking 22 main languages.

The country has no national language, yet Hindi is a widely spoken language and is the official language of the government. English, however, is the language of business and administration and the language used in education, which gives it a high status across the subcontinent.

Indian Translation Hinging on Experts

With this diversity of languages in the subcontinent, any company that does business in India or wishes to do so ─ whether local or global ─ has to select a professional vendor of Indian translation services if they aim to succeed and beat the competition. But what does the right Indian language translation partner look like?

At Contentech, Indian translation is conducted by native language experts only – professionals with in-depth expertise in the target language, which should also be their mother tongue.

Our Indian translation services team includes specialized industry-specific specialists in various sectors, who are versed in technical, science, marketing, and business terminology, each in the related field, and can deliver Indian Translation with the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Contentech’s Indian Translation team covers a wide variety of major types of Indian Translation services, including technical, business, science, IT, legal, and many more areas.

All members of our Indian language translation team have been selected through a rigorous hiring process and are regularly evaluated for their subject-matter expertise and linguistic skills. They are versed in all the following languages:

Types of Indian Translation Documents

Our team of translators and technical engineers have earned over the years a worldwide reputation for translate and localize a broad range of documents, including but not limited to:

  •       Catalogs
  •       Training and user manuals
  •       Service manual translation
  •       Diagnostic manual translation
  •       Warranty book translation
  •       Marketing brochures
  •       Technical Manuals
  •       Marketing, Advertising, and Websites
  •       Scientific and Technical Articles
  •       Hardware manuals and documentation
  •       Legal Translation
  •       Operating systems

5 Reasons to Partner with Contentech 

In reply to the question of why businesses in all industries always choose Contentech as their Indian translation services partner, we may, in addition to explaining who we are, refer to the reasons frequently cited by our top-notch clients: 

  1. Customer Focus: From individual needs to deadlines and budgets, our customer is at the heart of everything we do.
  2. 100% Native: All our translators are native speakers of the target languages and mostly in-country based, which ensures that your ideas come across smoothly ─ with subtle nuances observed and cultural sensibilities respected.
  3. Experience: We’ve built up extensive experience over the last 20 years having worked with 500 customers worldwide, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Facebook, Nokia, and many more.
  4. We’re always on hand to answer your messages with multiple channels for you to contact us through. 
  5. Turnaround: We’re known for our 100% guaranteed commitment to deadlines, no matter how tight ─ without compromising quality.

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