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Perfectly Fitted for Your Industry

The right choice for industry-specific translation, localization, multimedia, content marketing, and interpreting solutions. Far from generic or one-size-fits-all; our domain-specific multilingual content services are offered with meticulous awareness of your industry trends.

A Glimpse Into Contentech Industry Hubs

No matter your industry, you are in the right place.

We have got a dedicated team for each industry to cater a perfectly tailored solution for your business.


In the dynamic landscape of e-learning, Contentech elevates educational content to a global stage.

Our academic experts and e-learning specialists can help you create up-to-date curriculums, localize e-learning materials into multiple languages, produce engaging multimedia content with voice-over and subtitling relevant to your target audience. We also craft customized software and website localization solutions, and further help you with the promotion of your offerings. Whether for your corporate objectives or academic plans, we’re here for you.

Software & Technology

Your tech-based business has unlimited room for growth across different markets, and we are here to facilitate your expansion.

Having worked with top-tier tech companies, our specialists know what it takes to meet your market demand and keep pace with the technology trends. We specialize in services like software localization, technical writing, multilingual marketing materials design, and more. Our technology-focused solutions are meant to help you navigate the complexities of global tech communication, and ensure your messages resonate across diverse audiences to build a global user base.

Life Sciences

It takes precision and expertise to create effective localized content in the field of life sciences; Contentech is your trusted language partner.

Powered by industry-specific expertise and a long history of linguistic excellence, we have got a wide range of multilingual content solutions that cover your needs in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and contract research organization (CRO) industries. In the precision-driven world of life sciences, Contentech ensures regulatory compliance and content accuracy across medical translation, multilingual content creation, multimedia localization, and remote interpreting.,

Engineering & Manufacturing

Propelling your journey from shop floors to global markets, Contentech takes engineering and manufacturing content to new heights.

With our specialized translation, customized content marketing, and tailored multimedia localization services, your growing engineering and manufacturing business can break down language barriers and foster global collaborations and expansions. No matter your niche, our subject matter experts follow a detail-oriented and domain-specific process to craft your content in multiple languages. We assess your particular needs and help you seamlessly communicate your manufacturing prowess at a global scale.

Oil & Gas

Every oil drop counts, and so does Contentech’s multilingual content services for your Oil & Gas business.

Ready to navigate the global landscape of the oil and gas industry with Contentech? We have helped many global and regional players in the oil & gas sector with our multilingual content solutions, and you can be our next success story. We provide catered content production and localization solutions that facilitate effective communication and empower global ventures in the oil & gas sphere. It’s time to find a strategic partner to conquer the growing challenges of your fierce market competition.

Business Consulting

Get busy focusing on your core activities and leave the rest to Contentech’s team.

A smoothly streamlined communication is the key step toward successful business advice. Contentech empowers and amplifies your consultancy’s global voice through expertly crafted multilingual content solutions, including branding localization, legal translation, transcreation, multimedia production, website creation, marketing materials design, and many more. Drive international strategies, engage diverse clientele, and stand out in the competitive landscape of business consulting.

Marketing & Advertising

Let your clients experience the creativity in every language – Contentech is your versatile marketing partner.

Contentech partners with marketing and advertising companies to deliver top-notch multilingual content solutions that resonate globally. From transcreation and multilingual content marketing to multimedia production and localization, we will add a new dimension to your offerings. With Contentech, your clients can elevate their campaigns, captivate diverse audiences, and ensure their brand messages are heard with clarity in every language.

Language Service Providers (LSPs)

Witnessing high demand on a wide range of services in multiple languages? we are proud to be your trusted vendor in 100+ languages.

We pride ourselves on working with the top language service providers and multiple-language vendors all around the globe. As fellow language enthusiasts, Contentech understands the unique challenges in the language industry and stands tall by your side against them. Partner with Contentech to back your service offerings up with an army of expert linguists and streamlined processes, and stand out in the competitive language service landscape.


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