Telecommunication Translation Services

Telecommunication Translation Services

Telecommunication operations have soared over the last couple of decades globally, with businesses in this sector benefiting as a result. The trend is one that’s reaching the regions of the Middle East and Africa too and businesses that move into this space can take advantage of what is set to be a burgeoning market.

The growing use of telecommunication tech is seen in the uptake of mobile phones. The mobile phone user base in the region now only falls behind the Asia-Pacific region. Some 606 million people in the Middle East and Africa had at least one mobile phone in 2015 but by 2019, this figure will surpass the 780 million mark, according to research. Within this market, smartphone use is set to soar too, particularly among younger generations. For telecommunication businesses that are looking to expand their operations and reach a whole new customer base, the Middle East and Africa regions could be the solution.

Why is it important to translate your content?

The telecommunication sector is all about communication but if you fail to accurately translate your content and message, it can mean losing out on a significant amount of business. Translating your content can help you build up a connection with customers, allowing your brand message and intention to be understood by those you’re targeting. If you’re entering a new market or looking to extend your reach within one you already operate in, speaking the language of your customers is vital. Content that is localized for the target audience not only better portrays your message but enhances your image and reputation too.

Benefits of partnering with our company

We’re leading experts in the field of translation and localization but our skills extend beyond that too. We understand how important it is to work with a team that can not only translate your content but has an insight into your industry and how to best connect with your customers. Over the last 22 years, we’ve worked with some of the leading global brands in the telecommunications sector and have a specialist team of translators and linguists to support these firms.

Our specialist translators not only have the language skills you need and are based in-country, but they also have experience of working within telecommunications. This unique combination of expertise means we can help accurately translate your documents and other materials, even if they contain technical terms and phrases that may have no literal translation. By choosing to work with us, you know that your translation will be handled by an expert in the field. When we start working on your project, it will be exclusively assigned to professional translators that meet your requirements, including having an extensive understanding of the telecommunications industry if necessary.

The way we handle every project ensures high-quality translations every time. As industry leaders, we have one of the most stringent quality assurance processes so that every piece of work that is signed off meets our high standard.

When you first pick Contentech, we take the time to understand your needs, expectations, and deadlines. With this in mind, we will set out the plan and scope for the project, analyze existing content, and prepare the files. It will then be handed to an experienced translator within our team that best matches your requirements. After this phase, the content written in the target language will be extensively reviewed and go through our quality control process before being handed over to you to use.

Our Area of Expertise

We have experience of translating a wide range of materials within the telecommunications sector, reflecting the huge variety of content businesses produce, from manuals to marketing copy. Over the years we’ve worked with telecommunication businesses small and large to transform their copy and help them reach new audiences. Among the content, we’ve handled the translation process for are:

  •  CAD or CAM files translations
  •  Catalogs and marketing brochures translations
  •  Training manuals translations
  •  Phone manuals translations
  •  Technical bulletins translations
  •  CD-ROMs translations
  •  Electronic database files translations
  •  Online help files translations
  •  Corporate websites and online content translations
  •  White papers and publications translations
  •  ISO 9000/QS 9000 manuals translations

Our Clients

Over the last two decades in operation, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading telecommunication brands, handling their translation projects. Among the brand names and industry giants, we’ve partnered with are:

Technical translation services

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We’ve worked with some of the leading telecommunication businesses in the world, supporting their aims of expanding in the Middle East and Africa market.
  2. We offer a cost-effective translation and localization service without compromising on quality.
  3. We have a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs, so you can handle all your translation needs in a single place.
  4. We know how important communication is and offer several different channels for you to contact us at your convenience.
  5. All our translators and linguists are based in-country, so you have access to cultural insights and someone who really understands the language.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.