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Software & IT

Software Translation Services

Software and IT have become everyday essentials in our lives and demand for such products and services is soaring in the Middle East and Africa.  For businesses operating in the sector, it presents an opportunity to reach new customers and boost sales.

Driven by an increasingly digital environment and a world that is becoming more connected, Gartner estimated that Middle East spending on IT and software would top $212 billion in 2016, an impressive increase of 3.7% when compared to the previous year. Africa also shows a similar growth and possibilities with a technology landscape emerging in the region and businesses and consumers alike eager to take advantage of what it has to offer, in fact, CompTIA estimated that the African market surged 7% in 2016 alone.

Combined, the two areas give businesses in the IT and Software sector a chance to significantly increase their customers base and, as a result, their sales, particularly if they invest in specialist translation services.

Why is it important to translate your content?

Software and IT has become a huge market with lots of potential for growth if businesses look to new areas to expand their reach. The technical nature of software and IT products or services means that it’s vital for firms to be speaking the same language as their customers in order to create a connection and prove that they can meet their needs. While the market for software and IT is growing fast in the Middle East and Africa, there are lots of businesses that are keen to crack it and take advantage too, making translation and localization an important step for any business that wants to be successful in the region.

Benefits of partnering with our company

We’ve not just got the translation skills that you need but are backed by industry insights and knowledge too. We offer you access to specialist translators that not only understand the culture of your chosen market but the sector that you operate in.

We know how important it is to deliver the right message but that some technical terminologies and phrases can become distorted when there is no literal translation. This is where our specialists can help you, taking your content, including unique industry terms, and making it suit its purpose in the new market. When you pick Contentech, we’ll give your project to a world-class translator that has experience of your sector, ensuring we meet your translation requirements every time.

The process we undergo with any project has helped build up our image of a reliable and efficient translation service. We have a step-by-step process in place to ensure quality, optimized, and translated content for every project that we undertake. This includes project planning, setting a scope, analyzing existing content, and preparing your files. After this portion of the process has been completed, your work will be given to a specialized linguist to ensure standards are met and that your industry-specific materials are just as accurate in the target language.

Even after your work has been translated, we work on your behalf to ensure it’s of high quality. All content is proofread, reviewed, and goes through our quality control process before it’s signed off and sent back to you in the format that you require.

The combination of our process and skills means that when you work with us you can relax knowing that your project is in the safe hands of industry experts.

Our Area of Expertise

Software and IT businesses require a huge range of materials and if you want to make a move into the Middle East and Africa markets, it’s important that this content reflects your target audience. Whether it’s your customer website that needs adapting or your printed materials that support your products, we have extensive experience operating in the sector and could help you too.

Among the projects, we’ve undertaken for software and IT businesses are:

  • Software desktop applications
  • ERP and CRM applications
  • Operating systems
  • Servers and system management applications
  • Groupware

Our Clients

We’ve worked multiple brands operating in the software and IT space, including global companies that have used our translation services to access the Middle East and Africa regions. Previous clients that we have handled projects for include:

Technical translation services

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We’re flexible. We work with you to meet your translation needs for a huge range of projects, taking into account your needs, deadlines, and budget.
  2. We have specialist linguists and translators that have a thorough understanding of the IT and software industry, ensuring even technical terms are accurate.
  3. All our translators are based in-country, so you know they’ll understand how best to communicate with your target audience.
  4. Customer service is important to us and we make sure we’re accessible to you.
  5. Since forming over 20 years ago, we’ve worked with leading software and IT companies to translate and localize their content.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.