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Marketing Translation Services

Did you know that the Middle East and Africa regions present significant opportunities for businesses to expand and reach new customers? The economies, consumers, and changing demographics in these areas mean that businesses have the potential to tap into whole new markets. But in order to reach these customers, firms need to accurately translate and localize their marketing content.

While the biggest areas of growth in the region vary between countries, firms operating in the sectors of ICT, consumer goods, health, education, and more besides can all benefit from considering the Middle East and Asia as the next customer base to target. The importance of marketing in the region can be highlighted by the forecast growth of spending on digital marketing advertising, with a 26.5% expected in 2016 and a further 24% rise anticipated in 2017. Marketing and promotional content plays an important role in a business’ success around the globe and the Middle East and Africa regions are no different.

Why is it important to translate your content?

Marketing is an integral part of any business, especially when they’re targeting a new audience. But the translation of such materials is often an overlooked part of the process. Translating and localizing marketing materials accurately and to a high standard has the power to deliver your business more customers.

Marketing and promotion are all about creating a connection with potential customers in a bid to encourage them to make a purchase or learn more. However, if your message is lost in translation, becomes distorted, or loses some of the brand’s identity it can limit its impact. Working with a specialist marketing and promotion translator can deliver you better results from your marketing campaigns as a result.

Benefits of partnering with our company

Over our 22-year history, we’ve worked with many businesses on translating and transforming their marketing content and can now turn our skills and expertise in the sector to support your aims. If you need a team of specialized marketing linguists and translators, we have the ideal network of professional, experienced individuals to suit your needs.

We don’t only hire in-country translators that have all the knowledge they need to perform accurate translations but those with marketing experience too. Combined, these skills mean our translators fully understand not only your target audience but how to capture your brand message and image while appealing to your potential customers.

Marketing and promotional materials are about enticing your target customers and our specialist translators can help you do just that with their unique insights.

Every project that we undertake goes through a strict process to ensure that high standards are maintained and customer expectations are met every time. From the beginning of the project after understanding your needs and aims, you’ll be assigned a translator that matches your requirements. Every project is planned, a scope set, analyzed and prepared before the translation process begins, ensuring that both parties understand the aims, timeframes, and what to expect.

Once the translation part of the process has been completed, the content will undergo proofreading, reviews, and quality control by other specialist translators and linguists, who will ensure that the final version of the document is error-free and matches your needs. The combination of expertise, skills, and a stringent process means you can rely on us to meet your needs.

Our Area of Expertise

Marketing campaigns are typically made up of several different components and we’ve worked on many different types of materials aimed at promoting services and products. Our extensive experience translating content that is designed to entice potential customers into wanting to learn more about products and the skills of our specialist marketing translators means we’re perfectly placed to support you. Marketing content we’ve handled in the past for translation purposes include:

  •         Advertising brochures
  •         E-mail marketing campaign
  •         E-commerce website
  •         Sales brochures

Our Clients

We’ve worked with leading global businesses to support their efforts in creating effective marketing communications. By using our services these companies have been able to reach new audiences and appeal to set target markets within designated regions. Companies we have worked with in the marketing sector include:

Technical translation services

5 Reasons to Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We know how vital marketing activities are to your overall operations and can use our experience within the sector to support you.
  2. We have one of the most rigorous quality assurance programs in the translation sector, ensuring that only accurate and effective content is delivered to our clients.
  3. We can create bespoke translation solutions to meet your exact needs without blowing the budget or affecting the quality of our work.
  4.  We understand how important your translation project is and will create a plan to meet your needs to agreed deadlines.
  5. We’ve been operating in the translation sector for more than 20 years and can use our considerable expertise we’ve gained to translate a wide range of content.

Take your business to the next level

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities available in the Middle East and Africa for your business now, we can meet your translation and localization needs. Get in contact to find out how and learn more.