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Game Localization Services

What is Game Localization?

Game localization is the process of customizing a game to make it appropriate for international markets. As a country/region will have its own language(s), set of laws as well as cultural preferences and sensitivities, the game will have to make multiple changes to its software, hardware and design to meet these needs.

There are many different aspects to game localization. While game translation in terms of language, is the main component there are others. Game imagery, audio material, packaging and even certain rules of the game may be altered to meet the local laws as well as the culture.

Effective game localization goes beyond the technical and legal requirements of a country. It also serves to enhance the game experience.

It requires a complete understanding of the cultural views and language nuances to ensure gamers feel at home while playing their game, instead of feeling bewildered by aspects too foreign to them.

The Process of Game Localization

The process of Game Localization involves several main steps:

  1. First, the elements of the user interface are extracted.
  2. These elements are then re-built according to the required local specifications in accordance with local laws and cultural preferences.
  3. To optimize the Game Localization process, a pseudo-translated application is built.
  4. A translation kit is built to help translate masses of language along with the help of professional translators
  5. The entire user- interface undergoes the process of translation, being checked repeatedly for accuracy.
  6. User-interface elements undergo re-sizing and re-design, accordingly.
  7. Once the changes are made, the localized application must be re-built and thoroughly tested before the localized application can be delivered

Our Area of Expertise

We offer a wide range of services from the beginning to the end of content localization. You have assured a complete service package with us.

However, we specialize in effective translation, which involves an in-depth understanding and experience of the culture.

We understand that there is more to a language than just the technicalities of vocabulary and grammar. Each language is ripe with culture, history and nuances that only those who truly understand.

A small misuse of a word or humor that is “lost in translation” can create major misunderstandings and barriers between cultures, which do not happen with us!

How our expert as linguists and translators are added value to your project

Language translation forms a large part of game localization, which includes the translation of gaming text, audio recordings, manuals and parts of visual imagery.

Having expert linguists who are not only fluent but who understand the nuances of the language creates a game that blends effortlessly into the region it enters.

5 Reasons for Partnering with CONTENTECH

  1. We offer a complete range of services in one place.
  2. We deal only in native translators to ensure the best language translation.
  3. We have over 15 years of experience in our field.
  4. We are always available.
  5. We offer high-quality work without the exorbitant price.

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