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The ISO Certified Companion You Can Always Rush To!

Leave the hard work to the experts and focus on your core business


As a Language Service Provider, you would definitely need a righthand company to watch your back and be always present in your crucial times and critical situations. But it is not only about being there when you need it, it is also about having the qualifications and adequate resources to meet your requirements and ensure the supreme quality of the deliverables.

Contentech, the ISO 17100 & ISO 27001 certified house, with more than 1,000 talents working on more than 120 language pairs, is the trusted partner of more than 70% of the Slator 2021 globally ranked LSPs, where we surpassed all their expectations.

What services do we offer?

Our bundle of services covers all multilingual content, translation services and localization areas that include:

Translation & Localization

o Translation & Transcreation o Multilingual DTPo MT/MTPE

Digital Services

o Creative Content Creation o Website Localization o App Localization o SEO/SEM Localization

Multimedia Services

o Transcription Serviceso Subtitling Services o Dubbing Serviceso Voice-Over Services

Consultancy Services


eLearning Engineering


Over-the-phone Interpretation (OPI)


Data Tagging/Annotation


Crowdsourcing Services

Where do we excel?
Despite the fierce competition in today's era in almost every sphere of life, Contentech managed its way to be amid the great-power competitors in the industry by maintaining:

Our Key People


Project Managers (PM)

Our Project Managers are in charge of projects from initiation to close, making sure the work gets done efficiently and satisfactorily by:● Monitoring project progress and solving any arising issues.● Immediate feedback recognition and implementation.● Adhering to delivery deadlines while maintaining the highest quality.

Account Managers (AM)

The Account Managers are your brands advocate at Contentech who takes care of all your requests and make sure they perfectly done via:● Prompt response for quotation requests and any other inquiries.● Communicating client requests and making sure it is skillfully handled.● Setting delivery dates and following up to meet it.

DTP Specialists

Contentech DTP specialists create and produce a variety of high-quality communication materials that incorporate text and graphic images through:● Importing text and graphics into publishing software. ● Adjusting text and images properties to create cohesive pages.● Revising layouts and making corrections as necessary before submission.

Localization Engineering (LE)

Our team plans and executes the tasks of exporting, converting, translating, and re-integrating content and meta-data, like:● File conversion. ● TM/Glossary Creation.● Subtitling & Video/Audio Synchronization.

Our Talents


Pre-boarding Phase

The pre-boarding phase starts by scanning the pool of CVs, verifying certificates and linguistic studies, work references, and selecting the potential candidates.

Onboarding Phase

The onboarding phase proceeds with strict interviews covering all the aspects of the job requirements, passing a test and attending our video training courses.

RMS Feeding

Feeding our RMS to facilitate the process of a timely selection of the most appropriate resources for each task, based on their capability, availability and achievement record.

Our Technology


In-house, AI-powered PMS

Contentech developed its own in-house Project Management System (PMS) with an AI matching model that perfectly assigns tasks to the most pertinent talents to ensure handling tasks by the merited subject-matter experts.

All-inclusive RMS

A Resources Management System (RMS) that maintains all the resource data, capabilities, production rates, prices, availability, and evaluation records.

Inventive Tools

Cutting-edge, latest-versions tools, whether Engineering, DTP, or Authoring tools like Articulate 360/Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc.

Our Scope


Supported Languages

Supporting European Languages, Middle Eastern Languages, African Languages, Asian Languages, and Rare Languages when requested.

Volume & Capacity

Attending for large projects, rush tasks, special subject matters and integrated projects that might include multiple target languages or more than a service.

Time Zone

Covering all time zones with a 24/7 working methodology and continuous technical support to tackle any issues at the client’s side.

We take it from A and deliver it at Z .. Hand it now!

Explore how Contentech's multilingual solutions can transform your communication strategy. Contact us today and embark on a journey of global success.

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