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Unleash your global expansion potentials with
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Contentech in a Nutshell

Established in 1994, Contentech has grown into a one-stop source for multilingual content solutions with an extensive track record of outstanding successes within the MEA region and beyond. We blend content and technology to come up with top-notch services for different multilingual communication needs in over 100 languages. Backed by a team of experienced specialists, we are committed to delivering a standard of excellence across a diverse portfolio that includes translation, localization, DTP, content marketing, multimedia production, and interpretation services, among others.

We take immense pride in being the preferred choice by 70% of globally ranked top 100 LSPs, and completing successful projects for more than 500 prominent brands, including Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Jumia, and Coca-Cola.

Contentech in a Nutshell
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Two way Communication

Two-way Communication

Contentech establishes a liaison between the EMEA and the entire world. We offer direct and quick access for EMEA businesses to the global markets, and open a window for global brands into the EMEA markets.

Futuristic Vision

Futuristic Vision

Our brand grows stronger with every milestone achieved. We aspire to become a partner of success to every business involved in multilingual content production all around the globe.

Up to The Mark!

Up to The Mark!

We never compromise on quality. Delivering a satisfactory service that caters to your requirements is our ultimate KPI. Every step of the way, we follow an ISO-17100 certified process to tailor the right solution for your very own business and communication needs.


We derive our strength from a strong value-set that keeps us committed to delivering compelling content solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Language Pairs


We sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep your data confidential, and work with a transparent process that you can always keep track of.


A service provider you can rely on; we take the responsibility of your project from A to Z and let you focus on your core business activities.


From the project management teams to the linguists and content developers, we put our efforts all together to come up with a solution that fulfills your requirements.


We don’t give false promises; we only take on projects that we are 100% capable of handling with our qualified team and advanced technologies.

Business Legacy

We learn from our past to make a better tomorrow. We enable businesses to unlock new opportunities, empower the community with localized experience, and bring the knowledge to everyone in their native language.

Our Credo

It’s not about what we offer, it’s about what you need! Contentech has been there for over two and a half decades, backing up businesses with a wide range of high-quality language and digital content services.

Winning Team

You’d probably like to meet the enthusiastic staff behind our long-lasting success. 

Driven by an unceasing and evergreen passion, our team comprises experts who are fully-versed in their niche, and well-trained to use our advanced suite of technologies. 

We count every project as a challenge that we go above and beyond to tackle.


Managing Director


Global Customer Success Manager


Sr. Business Development Executive


Senior Account Manager


Sr. Business Development Executive


Project Manager


Project Coordinator

Corporate Portfolio

corporate service

Growing Community

Far beyond a traditional company-client partnership, every new stakeholder joins a growing family of motivated and ambitious business leaders where collaboration opportunities flourish.

Since established, Contentech is keen on building a network of business partners and aspirant professionals to keep the conversation going.

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Contentech in a Nutshell
Two way Communication

Why Choose Contentech?

Unlike your traditional translation company, Contentech will help you find the missing piece in your communication cycle, and curate a solution that comes up to your expectations.

  • A wide range of full-fledged digital content solutions across many languages
  • Easy & direct access to our team through your preferred channels
  • Trusted by top-ranking LSPs for quality content services
  • Every possible effort made to exceed customer expectations
  • Unrivaled quality at reasonable cost
  • 24-7, all-year-round service, covering various locations and different time zones

Struggling to communicate effectively with your customers?

Drop us your contact information and let’s make a successful collaboration towards a better communication experience beyond the boundaries.

Contentech for Multilingual Translation & Localization Services