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10 Top Reasons to Translate your Website

There are nearly as many reasons to translate your website as there are companies that have and should, but here’s a list of the 10 biggest reasons for making it happen:

  1. Respect – Many of us, especially those who speak a major language like English, Spanish, French or Chinese as our first language, forget that others in the world speak a different language. More importantly, they might speak our language, but they would be more comfortable in their native tongue. It’s respectful to translate your website into the language of your customers.
  2. New Markets – Whether you’re looking to open up new markets or simply strengthen an existing market, a translated website will create the growth and strength that you seek. For example, if you’re in France and you translate your website into Arabic translation language, you’ll not only serving your Arabic-speaking customers in-country, but you’ll also be opening up new markets in the Arab world.
  3. Brand Loyalty – People who feel their brands relate to them are significantly more likely to stick with those brands. Taking the time to translate your website is one easy way to build that loyalty.
  4. International Brand – If you have an international brand and you don’t have a website in every language that your customers speak, you’re simply being foolish and frankly, arrogant. You might find yourself losing market share to an upstart company that takes the time to speak to your customers in their own language.
  5. Beat the Competition – If your competitors don’t have a translated site, you can leapfrog ahead of them by doing yours first. It shows your company’s awareness of your customers, their needs and their lives.
  6. Less Vulnerable Brand – If you have loyal customers around the world, you will find that you are less susceptible to economic downturns in a single nation. If, for example, a nation where you have a large customer base experiences civil unrest, political upheaval, or even a natural disaster, you won’t see all of your sales dry up.
  7. Visitor Data – If you look at your Google analytics and see that you have a significant number of visitors from another country, your website is a prime candidate for translation. It means that you already have customers from that country, you just need to start speaking to them directly.
  8. Increased Conversion Rates – When people land on a website that’s in their native language, they are much more likely to make a purchase. They can understand the terms and feel more confident about their purchases.
  9. Better Global SEO – Search engine optimization is the Grand prize of success and this is the way to get it. By having a number of websites in a number of languages all pulling the same direction, your sites are much more likely to rise to the top.
  10. Respect – We covered this once, but it bears repeating. Like a tourist that goes to some small town in another country and gets angry that no one speaks her language, it’s arrogant and rude to expect your customers or potential customers to adapt to you. Make the commitment to them and you’ll be much more successful.

These are just ten of a thousand reasons to translate your website today. Most importantly, there are companies that can not only translate it but can culturally adapt it to match your customers’ lives. It’s an investment that’s very worthwhile. Contact us now for more details and get your free quote. 


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